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Super Fun 21 Blackjack

Super Fun 21 Blackjack

By developing the most reliable games, Microgaming has enabled the online table games to actually improve the gambling experience throughout quality graphics, casino-like sounds and advanced credibility technologies.

Online table games are among the most well-liked, and potentially profitable, games in the online casino world. In general, table games offer better odds than the famous slot machines, making them an excellent choice for the serious player and the casual player alike.

Today online blackjack games, like Super Fun 21 Blackjack, are the most frequently played casino games on the Web. It doesn't matter how you call it - blackjack tables, blackjack versions, blackjack games or blackjack formats – it all comes down to the fact that gamblers are given the opportunity to choose which blackjack game they wish to play with.

Short Description

The great thing about Super Fun 21 Blackjack is that the rules are very relaxed in comparison to classic Blackjack, meaning it's an easy game to play and an easy game to win. Maybe that's why it's called Super Fun!

These awesome rules add an extraordinary strategic element to the game, making it one of the most exciting online casino games around!

For example:

  • you always win with any hand containing 6 or more cards adding up 20 or less, even if the dealer has Blackjack!
  • you will certainly double your money with any hand that has 5e or more cards totaling 21!
  • you can split your hand up to 4 times!
  • the dealer must hit on soft 17, increasing the risk of him going bust!
  • your blackjacks always win, even if the dealer also has a Blackjack!

Additional Information

For more information on how to play the game, click the Help - Game Help and Rules option available in the online casino menu.

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