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Blankenberg (population 17,000) is on the North Sea between Knokke and Oostend, 12 km / 7.5 miles from Bruges.

CLIMATE: see Knokke.

Zeedijk 244, B-8370 Blankenberge.

Tel: (50) 428600.

Fax: (50) 429746.Type Superior tourist hotel.

Location: sea front.

Amenities: 42 room, French restaurant, bar, indoor pool, fitness center, steam bath, beach.

Credit Cards: EC / MCNISA.Rates Bfr 2,520 - 5,265.Service & Tax Included.
VZW Priveclub Casino Blankenberge __ Zeedijk 150, B-8370 Blankenberge.

Tel: (50) 411425.

Fax: (50) 305284.

Type: Casino w / restaurant.

Location: Beach location, 21 km / 13 mi.from the Ostende Airport.

Casino Clientele: Nationals & Tourists.

Casino: European style.

Games: slots, 15 tables 4 blackjack (Bfr 100 - 10,000), 1 French roulette "0" (Bfr 50 - 5,000), 10 America roulette "00" (Bfr 50 - 5,000)).

Open: 3pm - close.Bfr 500 Entrance Fee.ID / Passport Required.Minimum gaming age 18.Proper dress.

Casino language: French.

Casino currency: Bfr.

Amenities: restaurant & bar.

Description: A small casino in a 100 year old building.A congested beach location with inadequate parking.

Affiliation: owner Luc Rammant.

Chaudfontaine (population 2,500) is on the edge of the Ardenne Liegoise, about 19 km / 12 mi. from the city of Liege. Chaudfontaine is a spa town and health resort which is world famous for its unique natural mineral waters. It is the only natural hot springs resort in Belgium. The town gained reputation for its Chaudfontaine Bottled Waters, and Juliper Beers. It is also the site of the European Championship boxing competition, and the Miss Belgium contest. The Chaudfontaine casino is the only Belgian casino to operate near a major city, Liege.

Esplanade 2, B-4930 Chaudfontaine.

Tel: (41) 650070.

Type: Hotel.

Location: Central location.25 rooms, restaurant, spa and Casino nearby.

Rates: Bfr 2,500 - 2,900.Service & Tax Included.

Esplanade 1, B-4930 Chaudfontaine.

Tel: (41) 650741.

Type: Casino, Location: 19 km / 12 mi.from Leige Airport.

Casino Clientele: Nationals & tourists.

Casino: European Style.

Games: slots, 11 tables (3 blackjack (Bfr 200.10,000), 3 French roulette "0" (Bfr 50 - 5,000), 5 American roulette "00" (Bfr 50 - 5,000)).

Open: 3pm-close.Bfr 200 Entrance Fee.ID / Passport required.Minimum gaming age 18.Proper dress.

Casino language: French.

Casino currency: Bfr.

Amenities: restaurant, bar, nightclub.

Description: A small casino in a contemporary building.

Dinant (population 10,000) is in southern Belgium on the river Meuse near the French border.

29 rue Grande, B-5500 Dinant.

Tel: (82) 222374.

Fax: (82) 222338.

Type: Casino.

Location: 18 mi / 28 km from Namur, and 33 mi / 55 km from the Charleroi Airport.

Clientele: Nationals & tourists.

Casino: European Style Casino.

Games: slots, 10 tables (2 blackjack (Bfr 100 - 5,000), 2 French roulette "0" (Bfr 50 - 8,000), 5 American Roulette "00" (Bfr 50 - 8,000), 1 Caribbean stud).

Open: 3pm6am.Btr 500 Entrance Fee.ID / Passport required.Minimum gaming age 21.Proper dress.

Casino language: French.

Casino currency: Bfr.

Amenities: restaurant & nightclub.

Description: Dinant is the smallest casino in Belgium.

Knokke (population 32,000) is in northwestern Belgium, on a fine strip of beach near the Dutch border, 105 km / 66 mi.northwest of Brussels, 300 km / 188 mi.southwest of Amsterdam, and 160 km / 100 mi.east of London.Knokke-Heist is a fashionable seaside resort on the North Sea.Situated near a wide sand beach, it offers a variety of beach recreation during the summer.The magnificent gardens surrounding the private estates are the reason why the city is commonly known as the "Garden of the North Sea".The Casino Knokke is the most fashionable of the 8 Belgian Casinos and offers a variety of cultural, artistic and gastronomic events besides casino gambling.

CLIMATE: Continental climate.Pleasant summers with an average July temperature of 63' F (17°c), and average January temperature of 39° F (4°c).

VISITOR INFORMATION: Office du Tourisme, Lichttorenplein 660, B-8300 Knokke-Heist.

Tel: (50) 601616.

HOW TO GET THERE: By car or train from major European cities.

Nearest airports: Brussels and Antwerpen.

Elisabetlaan 160, B-8300 Knokke-Heist.

Tel: (50) 610606.

Fax: (50) 615743.

Type: Deluxe resort hotel.

Location: One block from the beach, across from the casino.

Amenities: 110 rooms, 2 suites, several restaurants.pool, Thalassotherapy Institute, spa on premises.

Credit Cards: AE / DC / ECNISA.

Rates: Bfr 7,800 - 22,000.Service & Tax Included.

Zeedijk 697, B-8300 Knokke-Heist.

Tel: (50) 611144.

Type: Small Hotel.

Location: Near the casino.

Amenities: 61 rooms, wheelchair access, bar, dining room, meeting Facilities, tennis and golf nearby.

Credit Cards: AE / DEC / EC / MC / VISA.

Rates: Bfr 2,1003,250.Service & Tax Included.

Zeedijk-Albertstrand 509, B-8300 Knokke-Heist.

Tel: (50) 602071.

Fax: (50) 612049.

Type: Casino, cultural, & entertainment complex.

Location: Facing the sea 1.5 km / 1 mi.from Knokke train station, 35 km / 22 mi.from Ostende Airport.

Casino Clientele: Nationals & Tourists.

Casino: Superior European Style 6,000 sq.m./ 66,000 sq.ft.

Casino Games: 22 tables (7 blackjack (Bfr 200 - 10,000), 12 English roulette "0" (Bfr 50 - 10,000), 2 French roulette "0" (Bfr 100 - 10,000), 1 baccarat (Bfr 500 - no limit)).

Open: 3pm3am weekdays, 3pm-5am weekend & holidays.Bfr.500 Entrance Fee.ID / Passport required.Minimum gaming age 18.Proper dress.

Casino language: French, & Dutch.

Casino currency: Bfr.

Amenities: restaurants, bars, entertainment.

Description: The Knokke-Heist casino was constructed in 1930 and has been directed by the Nellens family ever since.It is a fashionable casino with a large gaming room decorated with tapestries created especially by Jean Lurgat, and an immense glass chandelier which gives the casino a fairy-like ambience with its 2,000 shining electric bulbs.Casino Knokke is not only a place for gambling.It offers a variety of artistic, cultural and gastronomic events year round that include International Festivals, Art Exhibits, and Gourmet Dinners.

Affiliation: owner / operator A.Jacues Nellens & Family and Groupe Partouche Partnership.

Middelkerke (population 6,500 is a costal town in northeast Belgium.

Zeedijk Z / N, B-8430 Middelkerke.

Tel: (59) 300503.

Fax: (59) 305284.

Type: Casino.

Location: Facing the sea, 8 km / 5 mi.from the Ostende Airport.

Casino Clientele: Nationals & Tourists.

Casino: European Style.

Games: 14 tables (4 blackjack (Bfr 100 - 10,000), 9 English roulette "0" (Bfr 50 - 200,000), 1 sic bo (Bfr.100 - 72,000) ).

Open: 3pm - 6am daily.

Entrance Fee: Bfr 150.ID / Passport required.Minimum gaming age 18.Proper dress.

Casino language: French, English, Dutch.

Casino currency: Bfr.

Free gaming lessons: blackjack, English roulette.

Amenities: restaurant, taverne, disco.

Description: A small casino Affiliation: owner / operator Luc Rammant.

Namur (population 110,000) is on the River Meuse in southern Belgium.

Ave.de I'Ermitage, B-5000 Namur.

Tel: (81) 742630.

Fax:(81) 742392.First class hotel in a 19th century chateau.Location Near casino, 6km / 4 miles from train station.

Amenities: 25 rooms & 4 suites.restaurant, tavern, tennis.

Credit Cards: ACC / AE / DC / EC / JCB / MCNISA.

Rates: Bfr 3,150 - 4,300.Service & Tax Included.

1 Ave.Baron de Moreau, B-5000 Namur.

Tel: (81) 223021.

Fax: (81) 524105.

Type: Casino.

Location: In a village setting 35 km / 22 mi.from the Charleroi Airport.

Clientele: Nationals & tourists.

Casino: European style.

Games: slots, 20 tables (6 blackjack (Bfr 200-1,000), 8 French roulette "0" (Bfr 50 - 3,000), 6 American roulette "00" (Bfr 50 - 3,000)).

Open: 2pm - Close.Bfr.500 Entrance Fee.ID / Passport required.Minimum gaming age 18.Proper dress.

Casino language: French.

Casino currency: Bfr.

Amenities: restaurant, bar.

Description: A medium size Belgium casino which has operated since 1911.

Ostend (population 71,000) is a beach resort on the North Sea Coast, 110 km / 69 mi.northwest of Brussels, and 120 km / 75 mi.west of Antwerpen.Ostend is known as the "Queen of the North Sea Summer Resorts".There are five gorgeous beaches, a large variety of water sports, and entertainment in July and August on the promenade.

Major attractions include: The Old Harbour, Museums, and the casino.

CLIMATE: Typical North Sea climate.Mild sunny summers; bitter cold winters.

VISITOR INFORMATION: Tourist Office, Stedelijk Feest - en Kultuurpaleis 9, bus 5, Wapenplein, B8400 Oostende.

Tel: (59) 701199 or 706017.

Fax: (59) 704035.

RACECOURSE: The sole horse-racing course along the Belgian coast is located at Ostend.The race features a sparkling spectacle with fine thorough and half- breds.The entrance to the racecourse is across from the sea front at the end of the Royal Arcades.
Wellington Race-Track, Hippodroom Oostende, Sportsraat 48.

Tel: (059) 806055.

Races are at 14:15 on Mondays, Thursdays, Weekends and public holidays during July and August.

HOW TO GET THERE: By sea - from Dover regular ferries cross directly to Ostend 6 to 8 times a day and jet foil service is available 3-5 times daily.By air - by scheduled flights from most European cities.By car or train - from Brussels, London, Paris or Amsterdam.

Albert 1 - Promenade 60, Ostend 8400.

Tel: (59) 806611.

Fax: (59) 806629.

Type: First class hotel.

Location: On the promenade near the casino.

Amenities: 90 rooms, 10 suites, restaurant, bar with sea view, health spa directly linked to the hotel.

Rates: BFr 2,800 - 6,600.Service & Tax Included.

Koningstraat 13, Ostend 8400.

Tel: (59) 502910.

Fax: (59) 808438.

Type: Tourist class hotel.

Location: Near the beach, hippodrome, and the casino.

Amenities: 24 rooms, rustic tavern.

Rates: Bfr 1,900 - 2,650.Service & Tax Included.

____ Van Iseghemlaan 76, Ostend 8400.

Tel: (59) 806767.

Fax: (59) 807838.

Type: First class hotel.

Location: Opposite the casino.

Amenities: 60 rooms.Restaurant, bar.

Credit Cards: AE / CB / DC / DIS / EC / MCNISA.

Rates: Bfr 2,200 - 3,700.Service & Tax Included.

Koningin Astridlaan 7.Ostend 8400.

Tel: (59) 806644.

Fax: (59) 805274.

Type: Deluxe hotel.

Location: On the promenade near the casino.

Amenities: 91 rooms and 9 suites with sea view, restaurant, bar, art gallery.

Credit Cards: ACC / AE / DC / EC / MCNISA.

Rates: Bfr 2,800 - 8,750.Service Included.

Tax: Extra.

Oosthelling, 8400 Ostend.

Tel: (59) 705111.

Fax: (59) 708586.

Type: Casino.

Location: In the center of town, on the promenade; 105 km / 65 miles (80 minutes) to Brussels Airport.

Casino Clientele: Primarily locals and Belgian national tourists.
Superior first class European style 2,000 sq.m./ 21,520 sq.ft.

Open: 3 pm - 7 am daily.

Entrance Fee: BFr.150.Minimum gaming age 18.ID / Passport required.Casual dress.

Casino languages: French, English, German, Dutch.

Casino currency: Bfr (Belgian Franc).

Free gaming lessons: all games: Blackjack, English roulette.
tables 22 (min - max bet).

Blackjack: 6 (Bfr 100 - 20,000).

Craps: 2 (Bfr 200 - 10,000).

English Roulette "0": 12 (Bfr 50 - 200,000).

Punto Banco: 1 (Bfr 500 - 20,000).

Sic Bo: 1 (Bfr 100).
2 restaurants (Fortuna I & II), Baccara Bar, Congress hall (concerts, theatre & shows).

Description: Oostende casino's history dates back to 1852 when.
the first Kursaal was built on the sea front.Com.
pletely destroyed during World War II the casino.
reestablished itself as a leading entertainment complex in Oostende right after the war ended.Today it is a modern casino, culture and entertainment complex complete with a concert hall, show theatre, exhibition rooms, gourmet restaurants, and gaming room.The Ostend casino draws the largest number of casino players to Belgium.

Spa (population 9,600) is 24 miles 38 km southeast of Leige. Spa is famous for its medicinal water. In the mid-18th century the Prince Bishop of Liege constructed the central treatment facilities. The first casino opened in the Redoute in 1765.

Rte de Balmoral 33, Spa B-4900.

Tel: (87) 772581.

Fax: (87) 774174.

Type: First class hotel.Location 2 km form town.

Amenities: 97 rooms restaurant, bar, cafe, indoor pool, sauna, solarium, billiards.

Credit Cards: AE / DC / EC / MCCNISA.

Rates: Bfr 2,850 - 5,100.Service & Tax Included.

4 rue Royale, B-4900 Spa.

Tel: (87) 772052.

Fax: (87) 770206.

Type: Casino.

Location: In the center of Spa; 40 km / 24 miles from Liege Airport.

Casino Clientele: Equal mix Belgian nationals & German foreign tourists.

Casino: Deluxe European style.

Games: 65 slots & 15 video poker (Bfr 20 - 100), 10 tables (2 blackjack (Bfr 200 - 500), 1 French roulette "0" (Bfr 100 - 5,000), 7 American roulette "00"(Bfr 100 - 5,000)).

Open: 3pm - 3am weekdays, 3pm - 4am weekends & holidays.Bfr.100 Entrance Fee.ID / Passport required.Minimum gaming age 18.Proper dress.

Casino language: French, English, German & Dutch.

Casino currency: Bfr.

Amenities: Les Jardines Fluries French restaurant & bar.

Description: Spa is a small European casino.

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