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Casino Strategies & Articles : Blackjack

Blackjack Online casino articles, reviews, casino games, rules and strategy guides online. Gambling articles by experts in the gaming industry - articles from land based casinos to various online gambling game rules, strategies and articles: Blackjack

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Double Down Blackjack StrategyApr 23rd 2010
The double down strategy has become a great option for many blackjack players to increase the bet amounts after the cards are dealt and make good hands increase the odds of winning blackjack.

Tipping Blackjack DealersApr 17th 2010
Blackjack strategy or not, some players see tipping dealers as a method to payoff the dealer for better odds and others say it's plain cheating. Regardless, more and more are accepting this tactic at most casinos.

Splitting Cards in Blackjack StrategyApr 14th 2010
Splitting in blackjack means turning a single hand blackjack game into two or more hands. This blackjack strategy is used to help players increase their chances of winning.

Skip Card Counting and Focus on StrategyMar 28th 2010
Card counting can help players get an edge over the house, but only at brick and mortar casinos. Card counting does not work at the best online casinos for these reasons.

Learn How to Play Hard Hands, Soft Hands, and PairsMar 20th 2010
A basic look at how to play opening hands including hard hands, soft hands and opening with pairs, this blackjack strategy will help you make the correct opening play.

First Weapon to Beat the Casino at Blackjack - Basic StrategyJan 6th 2010
To beat the casino at blackjack, you need to know the basics, and Basic Strategy is the biggest part of that.

How to Beat the Casino at Blackjack? Start with an UnderstandingJan 6th 2010
Blackjack is a game that can be attacked, but in learning how to beat the casino at blackjack you have to start at the beginning, and that means understanding what your objective in the game is.

High Roller BlackjackJun 3rd 2009
Want to be a high roller blackjack player? Read our article.

Do's and Dont's of Online BlackjackJun 3rd 2009
What to do and what not to do when playing blackjack online.

Blackjack for BeginnersJun 3rd 2009
Read about the basic of blackjack skills and strategies.

Maximize your odds at online blackjackJul 26th 2007
Most of the online casinos shuffle the deck of cards after each hand, which means each hand is played with a brand new deck of cards.

The odds of blackjackJul 25th 2007
Blackjack is one of the most popular card games and is played worldwide by millions of people.

How Blackjack Could Change a LifeJul 17th 2007
Surrounded by misery, ruined by life’s problems, Jack decided to try out his last bit of luck.

Blackjack Standard TermsJul 16th 2007
If you are curious to know the meaning of some Blackjack and casino terms then be sure to check out the following. I’ve done my best to come with a list of fun terms I think you'll want to know.

How to win at BlackjackJul 10th 2007
It's not too hard to win at blackjack; all you need is patience and practice.

Blackjack VariationsJun 28th 2007
The aim of the blackjack game is to get as close to 21 as possible. This is the dealer’s aim as well, so whoever gets closer to 21 wins.

Will blackjack amateurs ever learn?Jun 25th 2007
Let's say you are at the blackjack table, in a shoe game or a double deck one and you are dealt a 6 and a 2.

Online Casinos for Blackjack PlayersJun 19th 2007
The real casinos offer various rules and bonuses for blackjack games. Can the online casinos do the same?

Winning at Blackjack - What the Casinos don't tell youJun 13th 2007
If you want to be successful at the blackjack table you need to know that the rules of the game can affect the outcome of a game.

Use Double Down in Blackjack to reduce the House EdgeMay 31st 2007
Doubling down in blackjack, means making an extra bet equal to or less than the original bet after you have seen the dealer’s faced up card.

The Beginning of Professional BlackjackMay 16th 2007
There are a lot of myths about blackjack. Many of them appeared before the publication of the basic strategy for one deck games in 1958. Anyway, the legends about blackjack haven’t disappeared.

Basic Strategy for Doubling Down and SplittingMay 16th 2007
You must cut the house edge as much as possible if you want to beat the casino at their own game.

The Newest Blackjack StrategiesMay 8th 2007
Nowadays people have many possibilities of playing blackjack: online, on their cell phones, or on a computer.

Basic blackjack strategy describes the unseen cardsMay 2nd 2007
There are many ways one can play blackjack: the influence bettors play in a way which only adds to the mystery of the game, there are the ones who analyze the game very much, the so called "by the book" players.

Learning Blackjack Basic StrategyApr 30th 2007
Usually, when a blackjack player wants to become an expert it's also a signal that he wants to start winning a lot of money. If you want to succeed start learning blackjack basic strategy.

Playing Blackjack ProfessionallyApr 30th 2007
Casino Blackjack is an exciting and entertaining experience, whether you are a professional blackjack player or just a beginner.

8 Blackjack Myths that separate you from your moneyApr 30th 2007
Don't believe any of these blackjack myths because they're money losers:

Three Blackjack Card Counting Myths you should not believeApr 30th 2007
Card counting is a very important element of blackjack play, but it won't produce a profit all by itself.

Usually taking blackjack insurance is unprofitableApr 27th 2007
As expected, the casino doesn't want you to take advantage of situations where they are vulnerable because that will cost them money.

How to be successful at the blackjack tableApr 27th 2007
Blackjack is different from other casino games because the player can use a basic strategy to reduce the house's edge to make a profit in the long run.

Free Online BlackjackApr 26th 2007
Blackjack is available in casinos and also online, offered by some websites for free. Via internet you can benefit from the latest software improvements.

Soft Seventeen used carelessly by blackjack playersApr 26th 2007
Every blackjack player knows that it's best to stand when you have a strong 17, no matter what up-card the dealer has. But with the soft 17, the 17 combined with an Ace used as 11, the situation changes.

Blackjack's profits influenced by playing timeApr 25th 2007
Blackjack is the perfect casino game because you have an edge over the casino, unlike the other games where the house's edge is bigger than the player's one.

8 Blackjack tips that will help you make more moneyApr 25th 2007
By learning the basic strategy, card counting and playing to a predetermined plan you will gain an advantage that will give you an edge in the long term and you will make a profit.

Playing a beatable blackjack gameApr 25th 2007
Compared to other online casino games, online blackjack games have a higher success rate.

Sweet Sixteen - Not favored by blackjack playersApr 17th 2007
Every blackjack player dislikes hitting 16 when the dealer's faced up card is a nine, 10, or an ace, because the chances of winning are very slim.

Blackjack Dealers Bust Less OftenApr 17th 2007
Much of the house advantage in blackjack comes from the dealer going last. If the player and the dealer both bust, the house wins.

The importance of shoes in blackjackApr 13th 2007
It is better for you if the probability of making a blackjack is increased. The reason for this is that when you make blackjack, you win one and a half times your bet

Gain an edge Doubling Down in BlackjackApr 13th 2007
A good opportunity bet is the doubling down wager in blackjack. Depending on the specifics of the blackjack game you are playing, the rules for doubling down may differ.

15 Reasons why you should ask before joining a blackjack tableApr 12th 2007
In this article we will present you 15 reasons why you shouldn't join a blackjack table which is in progress without asking first.

Money and discipline required to play advantage blackjackApr 12th 2007
"Advantage" blackjack players are the ones that can keep track of the cards that have already been dealt, to carry an advantage on the house. Still, not too many players possess the skill of counting cards.

Blackjack – easy rules for everyoneMar 28th 2007
Blackjack becomes, with each passing day, a more popular game due to the internet technology. It‘s a game with profits on long-term. Plus it;s easy to play even for a beginner.

Counting the cards easy at blackjackMar 28th 2007
If the cards that are left are not favorable to the player, he will know to lower his bet in that situation. Card counting gives the player an edge over the casino and it offers him the possibility to make a profit in time.

Beat the Dealer by counting cards!Mar 26th 2007
Want to beat the Dealer? Blackjack is one of the game which can help you to do this. Learn the card-counting strategies and your wish will come true. In this way you'll earn money at gambling faster and easier.

Briefing Professional Blackjack Play: Vital InformationMar 21st 2007
Playing blackjack as an expert is something that any gambler can learn. So it follows that you can discover everything about playing blackjack profitably.

Winning at Blackjack offline and onlineMar 20th 2007
The skill of winning at blackjack is something described very often in books and in systems. You may have an advantage over the house if you follow exactly what some books say

Counting Cards in BlackjackMar 19th 2007
Blackjack is a game where the past actions can affect the future of the game, because the player will eventually receive the undealt cards.

Blackjack strategy: could it be easier?Mar 16th 2007
One of the surest techniques to play blackjack and to become a reliable winner is to gamble as the dealer does.

Irrationally and Tricky Psychological Gambling PatternsMar 16th 2007
Normally, every gambler wants to be a winner. So, if you're playing blackjack, what shall you do in order to become a winning blackjack player? Well, first of all, you have to understand the psychology of blackjack and its value.

Are you a blackjack beginner?Mar 15th 2007
If you're new to online gaming there are some things that you need to know, like the fact that if you choose to play blackjack, you'll have more chances of winning, because blackjack is one of the most beatable online casino games.

Eight most important blackjack tipsMar 15th 2007
This article is about how to be able to control a blackjack game, how to increase your winning odds and diminish the house edge. This article will offer you the most important blackjack tips, ordered and synthesized in 8 vital advices.

The Blackjack's Special RollercoasterMar 15th 2007
Blackjack is a game that resembles with the popular rollercoaster. How? Well, blackjack is a game that begins slow, and then progressively gets faster.

Learning Speed CountMar 14th 2007
In the past, the only method to be taught Speed Count was to sign up in one of the Golden Touch Blackjack tutorials. That is no longer the case. With the online age, there are many information sources available.

Master Blackjack through Clearly Defined TacticsMar 7th 2007
It's a known fact that at first blackjack seems deceivingly simple to play.Nevertheless, if you attempt to gamble without a comprehensible strategy, you will rapidly find yourself constantly losing to the dealer.

Knowing how to play blackjack: imminent benefitsMar 7th 2007
If you're looking for a neat modality to go by a boring afternoon, mastering blackjack can be the solution, helping you to win some rounds regardless of where you are or what time it is.

Blackjack's brief history: analyzing its roots and successMar 6th 2007
Our needs, hopes, problems and dreams are frequently the foundation for our future existence. Therefore, the human nature is one of the most vital ingredients in a complicated gambling business.

The Blackjack's 9sMar 6th 2007
The basic blackjack strategy table will tell you whether to hit, stand, split, double down or even surrender, if the house allows such an option. Nice, isn't it?

What's behind strange blackjack plays?Mar 6th 2007
A blackjack pro can rapidly identify novices by their silly mistakes. Nevertheless, the paradox is that sometimes a true blackjack expert will make the same strange play as a beginner, but intentionally and for a completely different reason.

Why is Blackjack so popular?Feb 28th 2007
Blackjack is one of the best known gambling games world wide for both professional and amateur players. It has a lot of arguments to be so popular among the beginners and the masters of the game.

Basic Rules for Blackjack NeophytesFeb 28th 2007
Today, blackjack is the most popular casino card game in the world. Everybody loves it and everyone plays it! Why? I don't know for sure, but is clear that blackjack is one of the very few "beatable" casino games.

The way to become a Blackjack MasterFeb 28th 2007
One of the easiest card games players can learn is Blackjack. You only have to count to 21 and do simple addition in order to handle the basic rules, after only 15 minutes time. On the other hand, it's very difficult to fully master the blackjack game.

Blackjack: a "twenty-one" century gameFeb 28th 2007
Blackjack, also acknowledged as twenty-one, is one of the most famous casino card games in the world today. Much of blackjack's fame is attributable to the mixture of luck features with elements of skill and judgment, and the promotion that supports the practice of card counting.

You can play like a Blackjack professionalFeb 28th 2007
There is always a exciting and fun experience to play Blackjack in a famous Las Vegas Casino or simple rural casino. It happens for both people who have never played this game and professionals.

Play more Blackjack, win moreFeb 27th 2007
Blackjack brings more profits to the player the longer he plays. Therefore, it is an ideal casino game.

Learn Blackjack and make money in the same dayFeb 27th 2007
It's not difficult to assimilate the fundamental Blackjack strategy. You may find easy to strongly improve your skills during only one day.

Learning Blackjack Strategies brings benefitsFeb 27th 2007
Having fun is one of the main reasons that people join blackjack games. A second one is the financial purpose. If your reason is winning money, you need specific information. The most important factor in order to be a winner is to know the ins and outs of blackjack.

Just count your cards!Feb 27th 2007
By playing blackjack it is highly probable that several features of your future moves can be influenced by your previous gaming performance.

Eight Inaccurate Blackjack LegendsFeb 26th 2007
Every game has its myths. Blackjack isn't an exception. But, if you trust any of the following blackjack legends, you will definitely lose money. So, don't make that mistake!

Winning at Blackjack!Feb 26th 2007
Different from other games, with blackjack it isn't an issue of "can I win?", but "will I win?" and then leave with the big jackpot.

Try Free Online BlackjackFeb 23rd 2007
We call gambling or betting, any behavior that involves risking money or other valuables on the outcome of a game, contest, or other event in which the outcome of the activity depends more or less on chance or on someone's ability to do something.

As unpredictable as blackjackFeb 23rd 2007
Some enter casinos and choose to sit at an empty blackjack table. They begin by betting the table minimum. When playing alone with the dealer, you get around 40 hands per shoe.

Learn to play BlackjackFeb 13th 2007
There is no easier game to learn than Blackjack. All you have to do is learn to count to 20 - the rules can be learned in a matter of minutes. The really complicated thing is to learn how to master the game.

Mastering Blackjack: secret and off the record tipsFeb 9th 2007
When you play blackjack, you always have to acknowledge your profit potential, meaning that you have to understand how the rules of the game can influence, affect your chances of winning.

Blackjack Wining KnowledgeFeb 8th 2007
Casino Blackjack is an intelligent gambling choice than any other game on the Internet. If you make a little effort to understand how to play the game, casino Blackjack will be your winning card.

How to play BlackjackFeb 8th 2007
Many gamblers believe that the goal in blackjack is to get as close to 21 as you can. This way of thinking might be a disaster for game strategy, because the real aim in blackjack is to beat the dealer no matter what.

Online BlackjackFeb 8th 2007
People who play Blackjack are usually loyal to this game. Other gamblers like poker players can be satisfied by playing Omaha Hi-Lo as Texas Hold'Em or can switch from craps to roulette easily.

Ultimate Blackjack TourFeb 6th 2007
Poker has been linked to the cable television since the late 1990's. With the World Poker Tour in 2003, however, the game transformed into a global phenomenon attracting millions of new players into the game.

Playing Online BlackjackFeb 5th 2007
There are many studies on the matter of how to beat the dealer in online blackjack, the major purpose of the game, which requires mathematical knowledge, skills, and a little touch of fortune.

Split Those 4'sJul 21st 2006
I received an e-mail from a gentleman that I have since met and have a great deal of respect for. He started out saying that although he agrees with much of my advice, some is a little weak on logic. "NEVER split 4s," he says. "Eight is eight and you are only placing your hand at double the risk if you split them."


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