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Blackjack : How Blackjack Could Change a Life

By Andrea Klein

Level: Jul 17th 2007
The struggle for a better life

Surrounded by misery, ruined by life’s problems, Jack decided to try out his last bit of luck. In the bar or at the station, someone told him about the casinos odds. He was thrilled by the idea of winning a big pot that could introduce him into a better world. This was happening somewhere around the 70’s when blackjack was not played legally. But expecting such a fortune is like a quick walk through the storm. For Jack, the casino games symbolized a solitary struggle of the heroic odd with strangers. That made him to fell free from the heavy burden of misfortunes, right in the middle of Blackjack wagers.

Jack and Blackjack

Blackjack! This was the great idea of a wager. In this game you test your luck with the dealer. Blackjack starts with a bet and if you’re lucky you may end with more than what you have had at hand. Nowadays, a beginner may play the same blackjack online from his own room without spending any money. But for Jack this meant a serious provocation, something that could decide his destiny. He was intending to play the game with those curious veterans to enjoy. His first hand revealed a Blackjack (a jack of ace and a spade of ace). At the end of the game, most players left very humiliated their seats at the table. Jack was perceived like a genius player but no one knew that it was his first blackjack game. He had nothing to lose, but he won the spirit of the game of chance.

The story of a genius player

Jack didn’t play only Blackjack. The casino made him to enjoy further other games. Jack found the much lowly versions of Poker he mixed himself through the game of Poker online. He was very thrilled by the concept of Blackjack online and when he turned back, what revealed him practically changed his existence. The odds of the game and his luck at the table made him the richest among the veterans. Thus he could afford to accept the challenges anywhere. Now there is long distance from the poor Jack to the richest gambler Jack. It seems like they are two different persons. But it’s only the hand of fortune that changed our vision.
Lesson 1: Blackjack History
Where was the game born? And who named it BlackJack?
Lesson 2: Blackjack Rules
All you need to know before getting started.
Lesson 3: Blackjack Strategy
The many strategies to get a winning edge over the casino, besides getting "Rain Man" to play for you of course!
Lesson 4: Blackjack Vocabulary
Speak like a pro. Talk the talk, the walk is up to you!
Lesson 5: Blackjack Tips
What you should keep in mind, and even a little more on strategy.

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