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Skip card counting, focus on blackjack strategy

By Taylor B.

Level: Mar 28th 2010
Blackjack strategies can sometimes seem endless. There are countless games to help make the blackjack game more successful. Aside from the blackjack strategy chart, players can also turn to card counting as another blackjack strategy. From movies like 21 to TV shows, many popular media forms are showcasing this strategy, demonstrating that average Joe players can get an edge over the house if they focus on the patterns and math behind the game.

Card counting can help players get an edge over the house, but only at brick and mortar casinos. However, players should be warned that most of those do monitor closely if this strategy is being put into place. They even try to prevent players from using it. Card counting does not work at the best online casinos for several reasons.

1. Those card counting software companies do not function at online casino - Many software companies claim that they can do the card counting for players so that they do not need to break out the calculator to improve winning chances. However, many online casino reviews and players say that these programs are not all that effective as players do not tend to get farther ahead than they would be without them.

2. Blackjack strategy charts are the way to go - There really is no other way to strategize with blackjack online. While software companies and card counting strategies can be used at brick and mortar casino, really the only effective strategy to use at those online casinos is a blackjack strategy chart. These charts tell players what are the best moves towards increasing the house edge over the dealer’s hand. They also serve as a guide towards telling players just what moves they should make, thus increasing the chances at taking home some winnings.

3. All casinos online utilize random number generators - Obviously, online casinos are not playing with a real deck of cards. Brick and mortar casinos feature automatic dealers, shuffling those cards. Players can practice card counting here are usually a single deck game is being offered. Online casinos tend to use multi-decks, limiting those patterns players can predicate. The end result is that card counting is next to impossible at an online casino.

Playing blackjack online has it merits. While players cannot really practice all these different strategies, they can learn what hand to act on and how to hit with a blackjack strategy chart. While players cannot monitor the cards they get or how many the dealer may get, they can strategize about the dealer’s face-up cards.

Obviously those actual casinos tend to lend players more strategies to use rather than playing a game of blackjack at an online casino. However, those online gamers can still put into place some online blackjack strategies. Players should remember that any game of blackjack requires that necessary practice.
Lesson 1: Blackjack History
Where was the game born? And who named it BlackJack?
Lesson 2: Blackjack Rules
All you need to know before getting started.
Lesson 3: Blackjack Strategy
The many strategies to get a winning edge over the casino, besides getting "Rain Man" to play for you of course!
Lesson 4: Blackjack Vocabulary
Speak like a pro. Talk the talk, the walk is up to you!
Lesson 5: Blackjack Tips
What you should keep in mind, and even a little more on strategy.

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