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Bonus & Keno Games : All you have to know about bingo

By Alex Brooke

Level: Feb 21st 2007
Bingo is a simple and easy to learn game. Thanks to the internet online bingo has been introduced, and you can now easily play and chat. Still, there are several things you have to know about bingo and online bingo in particular.

First of all you have to choose a bingo hall, which is usually known as a bingo room. In each bingo room, there are various games and also chat rooms. Most bingo rooms are named really catchy, and this makes it simple to remember your favorite bingo room. You have multiple options:

A Practice Bingo Room:

Here, you can practice for free, but you don't have the chat option. This room has a practical purpose and if you want, you can cross your numbers yourself. The main goal is to see how often the bingo numbers are called out during the game.

A Main Bingo Hall:

Here you get to play for real money and also chat. You have the option of playing poker slots, video slot machines and instant games, while playing a game of bingo as well. This type of bingo room has the biggest jackpots and prizes. Most chat friends spend their time in these halls.

A Tournament Bingo Hall:

A lot of bingo rooms organize various tournaments with different kinds of jackpots, unfortunately you can't win a lot because it is the most visited room, and you have low chances.

Payment and Purchase:

After selecting the place where you are going to play, you should visit the banking section of the website, and deposit your money into your private bingo room account. After you win, your prize will be deposited directly into your bank account. Look out for the package, when they have one to offer. You can easily buy a package at a low price and they are usually offered when the time-jackpot is disputed.


A huge advantage of online bingo is the fact that it has an auto-dauber function. This means that while you sit and chat, your bingo cards are filled in automatically. Most of the bingo websites offer a yell bingo for you. Still, some bingo sites have a red button you have to press so you can qualify for bingo. This means that you have to watch the game.

Choosing a Caller:

Bingo rooms offer players the choice of having a virtual person to call out the bingo numbers. You can even choose the background and music you prefer.

Choosing Your Dauber color and shape:

As a plus, you get to choose the shape and color of your auto-daub. You get to choose from blue soccer balls to green hearts.

Auto Sort Your Bingo Cards:

If you have bought a lot of bingo cards for a single game, it is not possible all the time for you to keep count of all of them. With the Auto-Sort option, your cards will be shown closest to a bingo. Always look at the bar above the plates. It tells you which numbers you need.

Time Jackpot:

Nearly all sites have hourly timed jackpots. You have to get a bingo before a specific number to win the certain jackpot.


This is the pattern you need to fill out before you get a bingo. It is usually visible during the game.

Once you have learned and experienced online bingo, you will be able to win many jackpots and play other games all at the same time. You can try out slot machines, instant games or video poker while you bingo.
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Lesson 5: Bingo Vocabulary
Surprisingly, or not, there is a lot of Bingo terms to know.

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