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Bonus & Keno Games : New Bingo Craze

By Andrea Klein

Level: Apr 26th 2007
There’s a new bingo craze spreading all over the world. The number of websites dedicated to this new bingo craze keep popping up like mushrooms after a summer rain. And this is not happening because of online bingo benefits. If you already have your own online bingo account you know it. But this article won’t tell you anything about online bingo. It is about Bullshit Bingo. The new craze which is rampant worldwide.

Apart from classic bingo it is a bingo created to keep you from the boring monotony of business duties. Just think of a corporate firm, why not the one in which you work. Try to imagine the monthly meeting or the weekly sales update where you and your colleagues sit around a table listening to your boss and yammering in business slang like coyotes howling in desert. Pretentious terms like networking and mission statement will be the insight of your day, all because of Bullshit Bingo.

A few business people have come with the idea of transforming bingo into a way of facing the weekly board meeting without the aid of ridiculous amounts of caffeine. You need a bingo card and you can create your own bingo card or print an existing one directly from the Internet. The objective of this bingo card is to fill the squares with business terms, things that your boss says on a daily basis. Now you’re ready to play. When your boss mentions in the meeting time a word that's on your bingo card you can mark it off.

At the moment you get a line across, down or diagonal you instead of yelling Bingo you yell Bullshit! Take care of your boss. He doesn’t have to hear you. Just imagine he is the bingo caller. It’s much easy than writing on your hand. After the meeting you can compare your bingo card with the others and the winner or the loser (depending how you choose to play) can offer the other a round of drinks.

This is one of the most amusing and known variations of bingo. Also, there are known strange forms as is Chickenshit Bingo played in Montana bars. Part of the floor is divided in numbered squares. Then chickens are free and if a chicken defecates on a square on your card you have to mark it. As you can see, the bingo game can become outlandish.

All in all, Bullshit bingo, even if the prizes are small, represents a good way to transform a boring meeting into an interesting one.
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