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Craps : Here’s a Quick Way to Get the Edge at Craps

By Andrea Klein

Level: Jul 4th 2007
There are still gambling experts who are not convinced that some craps shooters can actually influence the dice to make the game favorable to them. Some have reduced their disbelief, but they are not yet ready for a complete conversion. One of them is the popular Wizard of Odds, Michael Shackelford (wizardofodds.com). He was skeptical of controlled shooting until Stanford Wong proved it. In this way he lost $1800 on an even money bet that Wong and one of his ringers could not roll under 79.5 sevens in 500 rolls.

The probability of spinning 79 or less is 32.66 percent and the expected number in a fair game is 83.33. Surprise, the final result was 74 sevens, the probability of rolling that few or less in a fair game is 14.41 percent. On the other hand, Michael is wondering if it can be done why there are not people making millions doing it. For this reason, he doesn’t believe too much in this trick.

But let us see if there are any dice controllers that have won millions. Howard Rock 'n Roller declared there are a few reach controllers. Among them everyone knows the Captain and his partner the Arm and also the Lee brothers.

Not many can place large amounts and be calm during the game. Dice control is a mental skill as a physical skill and you have to take account of this. Don't worry about the money betted because it can disturb the game by mixing your judgements. All you have to do to win is bet when you’re relaxed and focused.

It’s your option how you choose to bet. Some dice controllers are red-chip players, while others are betting on every spin.

The Lee Brothers, Tony and Larry Lee, are maybe the only professional dice controllers that make their sole living from craps. They play all over the country with a five-person team. In 2004, they won about $500,000 each one at the game. Other dice controllers usually venture less money, although many play several times a week.
How to Get the Edge
In order to get the edge over the casino in craps you have to take account of three elements:
  • Try to control the throw
  • Learn how to bet on yourself
  • Learn how to bet on other shooters
A controlled throw presupposes that you keep in mind the following elements: the set, the stance, the grab, the grip, the throw, the backspin, the bounce and the landing after hitting the back wall. The throw will be truly controlled if you develop every aspect of the 8 elements listed above.

Many dice sets can be produced with two six-sided dice. Three of the best are the Hard ways set (4:4, 2:2, 5:5, and 3:3 on the faces with 6:1 on the ends), the 3V set (3:3, 5:1, 6:2 and 4:4 on the faces, with 5:1 or 6:2 on the ends), and the Any Seven set for come-out or don't rolls (with 4:3, 5:2, 4:3, 5:2 on the faces and 6:1 on the ends).

Stand as close to the next person as possible: stick left one, stick left two or stick right one, stick right two. A long distance can make difficult to control the outcome of your roll. Moreover, in this case you have to apply more power to your dice to get to the back wall and thus make the dice lose more energy before they calm down.

When the stick person tosses over the dice to you, you set them and then you must grab them so that they remain together with no splits. You’ll easily recognize a grip because it have to be equal on both dice, usually with three fingers on front and the thumb in the middle of the back - equally touching both dice.

Once you have a right grip, the vibrant area of dice control presents itself - you must throw the dice. A moderate throw is best. Your dice must have a backspin so that they stop and split. Then all you have to hope is that one bounce will hit the back wall and will land as close together as you can get them.

The less force they have as they hit that back wall, the better chance you have of compensating the accidental effects of the rubber pyramids.

Once you have created a suitable throw, you have to place some bets. Many dice controllers, with a decent level of experience, fail when they have to bet on themselves. They place higher bets than their skill. That’s why most dice controllers cannot beat the high house edges on the bets in the center of the table, the field, or even the placing of the 5 and 9 and 4 and 10.

Usually the most successful bets for dice controllers are Pass odds, Come odds, and the placing of the 6 and 8. In casinos where you can get the 4 and 10 or 5 and 9 for $25 up to $30 and pay the $1 fee on wins only, these bets become attractive as the house edge is near that of placing the 6 and 8.

Finally, with arbitrary rollers at the table, you can lose all of your edge and more, if you continue to bet the same amounts of money on them as you do on yourself. For instance, if you bet $100 by placing the 6 and 8 on yourself and on others, don’t expect to win if you play with more than three random rollers at your table.

Let’s suppose you are able to get a 5 percent edge on your throw. You place the 6 and 8 and bet $100 on yourself. As the house is 1.5 percent for these bets, you’ll win $3.50. After that, you bet on a random roller. You lose $1.50 on the first three. So you have a dollar less. If you continue to bet on rollers, you go down for $1.50 more. Betting this way is the short and sure road map to become a loser.

If you dream to be a winner, then don’t let the random shooters beat you. They may have winning rolls occasionally, but that must not disturb you. The change on your money if you bet on them is insignificant. To have a chance of winning, you must get rid of as many random rollers from your game as you can and also reduce the amount of money you bet on those upon whom you bet to the barest minimum.

In conclusion, a good controlled shooter must know how much to bet on himself, as well as which bets to make, and how much to bet on arbitrary rollers.
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