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Popular Craps Systems and Strategies

By admin

Level: Apr 15th 2010
Craps is one of the most popular, classic casino games that is featured by all the top online casinos. It’s a game that’s primarily based on chance, but there are some strategies that can help players increase their chances of winning, or at least lower the house edge in some way. Some people may claim that since craps is not truly a skill game that some craps strategies actually defy the rules of the game and can be classified as cheating. Craps strategies do stay within the rules, and while there’s no guarantees of them rendering a bigger payout, there is no harm in learning the strategies and giving them a try when there could be a positive effect.

Craps strategies are some common systems that are designed to help players take their bankroll further, and are concerned with effective betting methods that can increase players’ odds and help them hang onto their money longer. Here are a couple of popular craps systems:

Safest Craps System
This is a betting system that has a much lower risk attached to it and that also means that there might not be the chance for as huge of a payout. However, it is conservative and great for more casual players who want to have a chance of winning, but don’t want to lose it all outright. It’s a good betting strategy for players with a smaller bankroll but can work for players with a larger one as well.

With the safest craps system, players bet on the don’t pass line with each come out role. If that point is hit, then they win the payout. With this bet, if the player pushes then the complete bet is returned. If the point is made then there really is no opportunity for the player to use. The probability of winning the full bet if a 2 or 3 are rolled is 8.3% and if a 7 or 11 are rolled, the bet can be lost and there is a 22.2% chance of this occurring. However, overall there is only a 13.9% probability that a player will lose on the come out, which is why this is a relatively safe betting system.

Field Betting Craps System
The field betting craps system does have a slightly bigger risk than the safest betting system, and there is only a 44.4% that this strategy will be effective - meaning that there is still a higher house edge. But that is still relatively good for a craps game. This betting system relies upon a one-roll bet in craps. Because it’s such a risk it’s been referred to as a sucker’s bet. This betting method isn’t for those who have a low bankroll and aren’t willing to take the risk, but it can render a big payout for those who are willing to give it a try. The payout is even money so it can be worthwhile.

There is a strong probability of hitting a non-field number, with 55.6% chance. With this betting system, players can use straight bets or mini-progression bets and the field does decrease on conservative rolls. With this betting system it is risky, but can be a beneficial way for players to play through.

It’s important that players remember craps is a game of luck and not skill, so there are no guarantees with any strategy, but betting systems are a popular method with many casino games and these are two of the most popular ones for craps!
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