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Gambling/General : Jenna Jameson and the Online Gaming Industry

By Joni Hawk

Level: May 29th 2006
A new online gambling site has been launched by adult porn star Jenna Jameson. A blond chick having such huge watermelons is certain, that will bring a whole pack of males, or even females to the site.

With all this, we do not know much about Jenna Jameson, the superstar. Although being a very sexual woman, Jenna knows how the gambling world works, because she was born in Las Vegas, the capitol of casino gambling and betting, so she was exposed to the process all her life.

We can say Jenna knows a lot about these things, because so very often she found herself at a poker table, and loving every minute of it. So, learning all the ins and outs of all the games, the superb blonde bombshell, slowly but surely became a hardcore player.

As all human beings, we all have our weaknesses we get sucked in to, and Jenna would become one of Howard’s most frequent guests. So, with the help of Howard, I heard her name for the first time. But to my amazement, Jenna is more than a woman. We can say that she is a pioneer and a model for all the uncertain females out there looking to take the guard off and strip us of the testosterone that is dominating the Gaming Industry.

After making a name for herself, nothing could stop Jenna also known as the Queen of porn to pave the way for a victorious entrance into the online gambling arena. It would be difficult not to mention Jenna’s sexuality, because this is her acknowledged trademark. And therefore we have a breakthrough in the entertainment world, by combining the two most popular Industries on the web today, so I ask you: how can it be any better then that, not forgetting that Jenna is in the picture.

Thanks to Jenna, the online gambling site adds a hot and heavy flavor to the usual meaning of Entertainment, spicing it up even more. You can trust me on this: you won’t have time to blink. You may know that Jenna takes it up to another level, by adding a link to her original site and to an overvalued sexy picture gallery, and thus showing us another side to the coin.

With her success, Jenna has become Internet savvy, and can spend a couple of hours a day at the Baccarat table. And to make thinks even more excited, you may find yourself playing and chatting with Jenna herself. So remember, that if you are in search of a good luck charm, you do not have to go any further, because with Jenna you are always a winner.

Unfortunately, as I am sweating like a pig and am a little too handicapped right now, I am unable to continue the story. As I cool off, stay tuned for even more exciting transformations.
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