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Gambling/General : Play it safe, right?

By Joni Hawk

Level: Feb 5th 2007
Numerous table games present bets that contest one another. In general, gamblers formulate tactics combining these bets and confidently putting one bet at the casino.

For instance, let's consider a "team" of two people who act as if they were strangers. One bets $25 on Red and the other $25 on Black in the same roulette game. They figure that by scoring credits based on $50 per round, they wouldn't lose as a "team". After all, they split even on every spin unless the ball lands in zero. And that barely ever happens, right?

The same trick at craps might be to bet $10 on Pass and $10 on Don't Pass. The idea is that the even bets annul each other out. So, in realistic principles, only the Odds are in action. Because there's no house benefit on the Odds, edge is removed. But this can be mistreated, right?

At baccarat, reverse bets are on occasion used to get the bonuses with only little risk. The strategy assumes diverse bets on the two sides, like $500 on Banker and $475 or $525 on Player. So a $25 bet obtains $500, right?

Not precisely. Players win and lose on ordinary change of luck. The bosses' profits from the edge, requesting an arithmetical tax imposed on each bet. Opposite wagers put more money on the table, raising tax level.

Think about the Red-Black single-zero roulette approach. Individuals who bet $10 on Black for 37 "statistically accurate" spins will win $10X18 times ($180) and lose $10X19 times ($190). Net loss is $10. With a team that bets $10 each on Red and Black, for 37 perfect spins will get by 36 times and lose $20 once.

How about craps tactic? In 1,980 statistically-accurate decisions, bets on Pass will win 976 and lose 1,004 times, with 28 more losses than wins. The calculated damage at $10 each is $280. In the same way, bets on Don't Pass will win 949, lose 976, and get no stroke 55 times, with 27 more losses than wins. At $10 per attempt, the house rates this play with minimum $270. Now imagine $10 on Pass and $10 on Don't pass. The change is a $10 loss when a 12 bursts out. This will happen once in every 36 come-outs. Guess what? Losing $10 for 55 times means you've lost $550. Not accidentally identical to the $280 plus $270 for $10 Pass and $10 Don't Pass bets taken separately.

Last but not least, let's analyze baccarat's strategy, where you pretend to bet $500 on Banker for 1,000 rounds. You anticipate 458 victories and 446 failures. You'll win 12 more hands than you'll lose. At equal bets, your revenue would be $6,000. But the house subtracts 5 percent from payoffs on Banker. This is 5 percent of $500 times 458, or $11,450. Your net loss is $5,400. Say you bet Player, estimating $500 per hand. You anticipate losing 12 more hands than you win. At $500 each, this is a $6,000 loss. Mix $500 Banker and $500 Player in each round. The choices are clean but you pay 5 percent of $500 on 458 Banker rounds. That's $11,500. Betting $25 on Banker only, your loss will be 5 percent of $25 x 458 in commission minus $25 x 12 in wins, meaning $275 instead of $11,500.

Is inevitable! Some gamblers will play big risk wagers that eventually will hurt them. But if you play it smart, you'll enjoy every second of the game.
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