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Gambling/General : The most famous casino game: slots

By Elizabeth Scott

Level: Feb 23rd 2007
It's impossible not to love slot machines, with their lights blinking and their specific sounds you'll surely enjoy each row of these universal machines crowded in every possible space of a casino. They are definitely the most famous game in casinos today. Obviously! At what other casino game can a gambler simply insert a few coins and have the opportunity of winning thousands, even millions of dollars?

The present slot machines are very different from the machines of a few decades ago. Basically, it all started as a pretty simple and entirely mechanical machine, which turned in time, into an extremely advanced mechanism. Therefore, with the innovative technologies come new variations and with the ingenious collection of new variations come new decisions for the slot-playing gambler.

Several machines are connected to others in the casino and put forward a progressive jackpot that rises until someone hits it. But the amazing thing about an over sized jackpot is slots that are linked to others all over the region, offering some fortunate player a multi-million dollar prize.

Many, many choices

As you probably already observed, you have many alternatives to choose from when it comes to slots machines. Further, you shall find some interesting game tips and advices which you'll probably find helpful, regardless of your gambling experience level.

First of all, money management and slot machine selection are the keys to pleasant slot playing sessions. If we have to choose, money management is definitely the most important.

So, what is money management? Well, there is a specific money management for every single type of game. For instance, if you want to have an enjoyable slot playing experience, you must only play with money you can afford to lose.

All slot machines have a house edge built in, so don't dump money you need for the credit payment or health into the game hoping to win. This involves control! So, I will describe an excellent technique for maximizing your odds of coming home with money.

First, just keep in mind not to use the cash machine at the casino as your general fund. The money you use for gambling should be absolutely detached from any other money you may have. It is very easy to forget your financial position if you take your gambling money from an ATM.

As an alternative, before you depart for the casino, split your available gambling money into session wagers. If you plan to be at the casino for two days and you decide to play one session in the morning, one in the late afternoon and one in the evening, split your available founds into six identical amounts and put each in a separate envelope.

For instance, if you have $1,200 available for gambling, just put $200 into each of six envelopes. Tag each envelope with the information about the session you are going to play with the money available in it. When you reach your destination, just put these envelopes in a safe place. When you are prepared to play the slots, take only the envelope for the session you are ready to play and leave the rest of the envelopes in the same place. This is a pretty sure modality which will help you not to spend all your money if the current session wasn't a success.

Just take into consideration these simple advices and I assure you that you'll enjoy many great slot games. In addition, this strategy will definitely encase your odds of winning amazing jackpots.
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