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Casino Strategies & Articles : Roulette

Roulette Online casino articles, reviews, casino games, rules and strategy guides online. Gambling articles by experts in the gaming industry - articles from land based casinos to various online gambling game rules, strategies and articles: Roulette

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Calculating Odds in American RouletteApr 29th 2010
To be able to truly comprehend the concept of roulette strategies or roulette systems you have to first understand what the odds of this casino game are, not to mention your odds of winning. There is obviously a direct relationship between the probability of events occurring and the odds that play such a critical part of the roulette game.

The House Advantage In RouletteApr 26th 2010
When you engage in a game of online roulette, you are trying to overcome one factor and one factor only, and that is the house edge. It should be no shocker that the casino has a built-in advantage in this game, because that is naturally the way in which it continues to exist and serve customers.

Streaks in RouletteApr 20th 2010
What you'd really love to do when playing online roulette is get a nice winning streak going so that you can build your bankroll up. Naturally, in any game where you've got a negative overall expectation to your play, like roulette, you've got to be aware of the kind of chance you really have to run up a streak.

American Roulette StrategyApr 5th 2010
American Roulette differs from other roulette games and so does a good roulette player's strategy. Here are eight tips to ensure you maintain your edge against the house when playing American Roulettte.

Quad Roulette StrategyMar 5th 2010
Learn one of the most basic roulette strategies, the Quad System, then move on to more advanced winning roulette systems.

Simple Roulette StrategyMar 5th 2010

Roulette - Winning Strategy is Tough, but Help is PossibleJan 6th 2010
While there may not necessarily be a winning playing strategy for roulette, there are things you can do to help your chances of winning.

Best Roulette Experience is for EverybodyJan 6th 2010
If you're looking for the best roulette experience, it isn't just for "rich folks" anymore. Roulette is a game that is accessible to anyone - and everyone.

Winning Roulette Strategy vs. Commons Sense & LogicAug 7th 2007
Is it possible to have a winning roulette strategy?

Roulette Strategies Don't WorkAug 1st 2007
The internet is full of people selling or offering “amazing” roulette betting systems or roulette betting strategies

No Deposit Casino Promotions MisunderstoodAug 1st 2007
No deposit casino bonuses – the real thing or a trick used by online casinos to attract customers?

Roulette Bets ExplainedJul 31st 2007
The game of roulette is simple and entertaining, preferred by both serious gamblers and one-time casino visitors

Roulette Tips – Less Trodden Ways to WinJul 10th 2007
Roulette is a classic game, a mainstay in almost every land based casino. Moreover, it's a cultural and historical part of the gambling scene. What is it that makes casino gambling so prevalent in humans’ life?

Does winning at online roulette depend entirely on luck?Jun 15th 2007
Many online roulette players wonder how can they beat the game, and also if there is a roulette system which could help them win.

One of the most popular casino games - Online RouletteMay 14th 2007
One of the most popular casino games is roulette, mainly because it's a very simple game and anyone can play it.

Roulette – A Most Classy GameMay 2nd 2007
Roulette (the French word meaning "small wheel") is one of the most well-known social casino games. The objective of the roulette game is to choose the winning number on which will stop the ball after rolling on the wheel.

Two centuries of RouletteMar 29th 2007
If you want to go back to the 1790s, to live those times even for a few hours enter to a casino and play roulette. In the here and now, you expect modern wheels, designed with red and black spaces, numbers 1 through 36 and zero's.

Online roulette closer to realityFeb 23rd 2007
A well known online casino has recently announced that it has decided to move across borders and offer its gambling services in other countries than where it is based.

Online roulette at VIP CasinosFeb 6th 2007
Roulette has never been as easy and fun to play as it is now. Try playing this amazing game in the privacy of your own home by accessing VIPcasinos one of the best online roulette providers on the market.

Online Roulette PhilosophyFeb 4th 2007
Roulette is considered by many classicists to be the most stylish of casino games. If not, it's definitely one of the oldest. Roulette (the French word for "little wheel") was invented by mathematician Blaise Pascal in 17th century, France. Roulette is a game of fortune, but this doesn't mean that game skills are out of the question.

Try online rouletteFeb 4th 2007
VIPcasinos is the place to visit if you’re looking for the best free online roulette experience. All you have to do is select instant play roulette on the IGW software and enjoy the casino game in the privacy of your own home.

The Secrets Behind Casino GamesJul 26th 2006
If the casino has an advantage for a game such as blackjack, and that advantage is under 1%, then how come that many who use a perfect basic strategy, see a house "drop" that is reported? The so called casino "advantage" in all games is correctly named the house percentage.


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