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Roulette : No Deposit Casino Promotions Misunderstood

By Andrea Klein

Level: Aug 1st 2007
No deposit casino bonuses – the real thing or a trick used by online casinos to attract customers? 90% of the players who complain of being misled by casinos offering no deposit bonuses are professional bonus hunters. The other 10% are players that have misunderstood the no deposit online casino promotion.

In this article I will try to translate what some no deposit online casino promotions really say. For example, the “no deposit bonus offer” says ‘You can use the money only if you try some of our casino games. If you lose the money trying our casino games, you should not worry, as they are our gift for you.”

Also, not only online casinos use this type of advertising. Land based casino also, and the headline replacing the online no deposit bonus offer is ‘Here’s a $100 chip for staying at our hotel’ - of course, you can have them as long as you use them playing in the casino.

The no deposit offer is a simple bit of advertising that essentially says ‘You can have this money as long as you try our casino games, if you lose the money don’t worry as it’s a gift from us to you’. The land based variation of this type of marketing is ‘Here’s a $100 chip for staying at our hotel’.

Online casinos offer 3 different varieties of no deposit bonuses and these are:

  • Free spins – like winning 100 free spins on the fruit machine slots
  • Free money – like receiving $10 to try their casino games
  • Free money with a time limitation – you get $500 to play with for an hour.

Another tricky promotion for inexperienced players is the ‘deposit to claim your winnings’. Since the online casino world is packed with professional bonus hunters, casinos created this condition. If you win $100 and want to claim the money, you will first need to deposit an amount. With this, professional bonus hunters are discouraged.

Another controversy is also created around the play through requirements that actually indicates how much you need to bet before you can claim your bonus.

Now, don’t imagine that casinos lie about these promotions. The only thing is that all of them have different limitations and the misunderstanding comes when gamblers take these offers without reading the ‘terms and conditions’. This is where casinos explain clearly all that needs to be explained about their promotions. Actually on their websites, clients are always advised to read the ‘terms and conditions’ page.

In conclusion, the moral of the story is to always read the ‘fine print’ before jumping in and registering for a promotion.
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