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Quad Roulette Systems

By Alex C.

Level: Mar 5th 2010
While Roulette is a game that’s based primarily on luck since players have no way to determine where the ball is going to land on the wheel, there are some who believe in winning roulette strategies, and in many ways they relate to effective betting systems that can help players to increase their odds. These winning online roulette tips that relate to betting are based on patterns, while they don’t offer any guarantees they can provide players with a level of consistency that can help them to beat Roulette against the casinos.

1. Double Street Quad Strategy
With this online Roulette betting strategy players end up covering a total of 17 numbers on the layout. This involves betting on two double streets plus a quad or a corner bet. Using this strategy, there are never going to be more than 5 adjacent slots on the www.topcasinooffers.com/casino-schools/roulette/the_roulette_wheel.html">Roulette wheel that aren’t covered by a player’s bets. Using this strategy, players should be using 6 chips for each and every spin. Two chips should go on the double quad, one chip on the corner bet, and then players can choose their favorite number for that last straight-up bet

2. Five Quad Strategy
In this winning Roulette strategy, players cover a total of 21 numbers on the betting layout. With this strategy, players make 5 quads or corner bets plus one straight up bet.

Of course, the best part of winning Roulette strategies is the potential payoffs for players. With the first strategy, the double street can have a payoff of 5:1 while the corner/quad bet can pay 8:1. If the straight-up bet is hit it’s 35:1. Betting payoffs are similar with the latter strategy.

If course, in addition to trying the above Roulette systems, players can try other techniques to help them beat online Roulette. In many cases, that means simply sticking to approaches that make them feel especially comfortable. Sticking with favorite numbers, or making bets that have risk levels equivalent to their bankroll to ensure that their money goes farther and it’s not gone in one foul swoop should they not be successful. Of course, understanding the betting board is also essential and memorizing the odds. The best winning roulette systems and strategies is for roulette players is to be informed and play the way that best works for you personally.

Remember, when it comes to Roulette there are many strategies out there, but since it’s a game based primarily on luck, there are no guarantees and no definite ways to beat land-based or online casinos. With any casino game the focus needs to be primarily on fun, with the option of winning coming in close send that way it’s always a positive experience. Having fun is the best strategy!
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