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Simple Slots Strategies

By Connie M.

Level: Mar 21st 2010
Slot strategies some may believe to be useless as the game usually revolves around luck. However, in order to win those slots jackpots, players should consider some basic slot strategies that can help players broaden their bankroll. These strategies are great for they allow players to play longer because their money can go farther.

Here are some simple strategies players can test out on their next slot game so that players can have more fun and potentially win big bonuses and jackpots!

1. Don’t stick to just one machine - Many slots gamers believe that if they aren’t having any luck on a specific game and have been playing for a while, the best thing to do is to find another game and move on.

2. Choose online slots games that are fun - After putting into place some slots strategies, players will still find there really is no guarantee on such a game of luck. The important thing most forget is that they should not just be playing to win huge jackpots. Players should have fun with the games they choose.

3. Steer Clear of the Progressive Games - For those players looking for a small win, progressive are not the way to go. Progressive jackpots may yield some big payoffs, but for those with a small bankroll they are not always the best of ideas.

4. Join Those Player’s clubs - When playing slots constantly, players may look for more ways to get the most bangs for their buck. VIP and player’s clubs lend great casino bonuses players can take advantage of. Some of these give away cashback on losses or bonuses on multiple deposits. Normally these are free to join and don’t always require that private invitation.

5. Learn the payout percentages - Most online casino reviews will tell potential players what the payout percentage may be on a slot game. Normally, even the casino will list information about the payout percentages right on their site.

6. Pay a visit to Single paylines - When video slots complicate the process by offering games with dozens of paylines, not only can players get confused but they can lose a great deal of money. Players find themselves betting the maximum bets to hit the big one, making the game a costly one if they don’t win. Those games with just one or a few paylines give players the chance to make maximum bets without them getting too pricey.

7. Fix a Budget - When players start trying those slots, they should also come with a budget in mind of how much they want to spend. If a player goes over that budgets or meets it, they should stop playing to avoid getting deeper into the hole.

8. Play a few games on high roller machines - If a player’s bankroll can allot for a few high roller machines, players should try them out for big winnings. Many times online casinos will claim these offer even bigger payouts with one or two pulls of the slot machine. However, players should not get caught up in these. If they aren’t winning after a few pulls, it will be worth it to pull out of the game and find something with lower denominations.

9. Bet the most - In order to hit that jackpot on a slot game, players should always try and bet the maximum number of coins they can. While some may think this means selecting a game with huge bets, it does not. A player must select a game where the maximum bets are not too far out of their bankroll.

10. Learn about a game’s reputation - Casino reviewers will tell players just which casino slot games are known for paying often or not. Information abounds online too if the game is known to pay well or pay at all.
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