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Slots : Slot Machine Games for Gamblers

By Arthur Levine

Level: Jun 5th 2007
A casino gambler has a large variety of games to choose from: card games, roulette, craps, and slot machine games. Among these games, slots are the most popular. The slots have a long history, the first slot machine being created in 1887.

Those slot machine games had basically the same configuration the present ones do, but in time certain modifications have been made. The early slot machines had the lever, and for that they were called the one-armed bandit. The payout mechanism of the slot machine was simplified thanks to the automated systems the slots contained.

Soon they became very popular, and they were introduced in bars. In our day, the themes and the design of slots vary very much: from sport themes, to cartoon themes and so on.

The principle of the slot machine game hasn't changed though, even if the numbers of lines and/or the symbols have changed. The different designs only increase the fun.

Ever since slot machines have been first introduced, myths surrounding them never failed to appear. One such myth is that a machine can be either hot or cold; depending on the number of wins that machine has produced. In fact the Random Number Generator or RNG determines the number of wins a machine produces.

Slot machine games usually offer the same number of wins, but that depends on the payout percentage. The U.S laws state that the payout percentage of slot machines must be from 82 to 98, except for Nevada where the payout percentage is 75.

This means that if a spin costs $1, and 100 spins have been played, the machine should pay at least $75 back. The slot machines with a lower payout percentage are the progressive jackpot slots, which are linked together to offer a huge jackpot.

Several casinos may have their slot machine games linked, and in such case the jackpot can reach millions of dollars. The most important thing about the slot machines is the luck, the decisive factor when it comes to winning.
Lesson 1: Slot Machine History
Learn how the one arm bandits where created
Lesson 2: Slot Machine Rules
The basics to playing Slots
Lesson 3: Slot Machine Tips
Simple strategies for these chance machines
Lesson 4: Slot Machine Vocabulary
Learn slot machine terms

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