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Table Games : 5 Tips for building your online poker bankroll

By Arthur Levine

Level: Jul 24th 2007
Building a substantial bankroll in poker is very important, and usually the bankroll is influenced by several factors. Let’s take a look at the 5 most important tips when building a bankroll:

  1. The bonuses vary

  2. Most of the players consider the sign-up bonuses the most important factor when building their poker bankrolls, but they should know that the biggest bonus is not necessarily the best one. There might be sites that offer large bonuses but with low clearance rates and that is not good at all.

    Sometimes one can build his/hers poker bankroll by using two smaller sign-up bonuses.

  3. Try to find the hidden incentives

  4. Make sure that the site you sign up with offers incentives, because they are significant when building your bankroll. Features such as: VIP Clubs, Freerolls and Cashback come in handy too.

    The regular reload bonuses are also great incentives, which are offered to existing players and offer additional money. These bonuses are often linked to the VIP club ranks.

  5. Never exceed your bankroll

  6. Many beginning poker players have problems managing their bankrolls and this can cause problems. When they play they must risk only a small portion of their bankroll; ideally for the cash games they should buy in no more than 5% of their bankroll.

  7. Find the right poker tables

  8. It is important to play at the right poker table, and this means playing at a table with weaker opponents than you. You should consider changing the site if the opposition is equal to your level, otherwise you risk losing a lot of money. You will build your bankroll faster if you have an edge over your opponents.

  9. Always study the game

  10. You can be a successful poker player only when you outsmart your opponents, and to be able to do so, you must constantly study the game. You must identify your strengths and your weaknesses.

    Practice strategies and common situations that you might encounter at the poker table. The more you learn, the better you'll be.
Lesson 1: Poker History
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Lesson 4: Poker Betting
“You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold then”… and when to raise!
Lesson 5: Poker Strategy
Learn how to play and point to follow to play smart
Lesson 6: Poker Vocabulary
Impress your buddies on Poker night, with High Roller lingo.

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