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Table Games : How to Control Your Poker Table Image

By Arthur Levine

Level: Jun 19th 2007
Your image at the poker table influences the way you control the game. You can use the way you are seen at the table to win many hands.

These are the three most important images you could have at the poker table:

Pretend you are tight
Tight players are the players that bet only when they have a very strong hand. They don’t get involved when their cards are weak, and because of this when they bet many will fold. You can use this information to steal a few pots even when you have weak cards.

You can steal the blinds or even the big pot if you know how to bet. Many players bet against a tight player only when they have strong cards.

Pretend you are loose
A loose player makes bets frequently even when his cards aren’t strong. Because of this, players will continue to bet and they can be trapped very easily, especially if the loose player receives great cards a few rounds in a row.

Players will believe that you have weak cards, after you have shown that in the previous round they were great, and they will continue betting. If you continue to have strong cards and the players believe that your cards are weak, you can own the table.

Be "invisible"
Make them not notice you at all. If there are a couple of loose players at the table they will get the entire attention. In a game of 9 players, stay "undetected" until 4 or 5 players are left in the game; this means fold as often as you can.

When you are close to finishing in money play more aggressively, and since the rest of the players haven’t paid too much attention to you, they don’t know how you play. You could dominate the table easily with this method.

So, these are the main images of poker, use them and they will help you win more money. Make your opponents believe that you play in a certain way and then play in the opposite way.
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