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Table Games : Myths about Table games

By Arthur Levine

Level: Apr 17th 2007
We have talked about different myths regarding the video poker machines in our previous article. Now let's take a look at some of the table games myths:

1st Myth: The third baseman should never take the dealer's bust card because it would hurt the entire table: like hitting on 12 when the dealer has 2.

The Fact: This is what the player is supposed to do in the situation, and this action won't hurt the table more than it helps it.

It would be great if we would know what the dealer's faced down card is, or what card will come next, but we don't. Let's take the same situation.

You had a 12, the dealer a 2. You hit and a 9 comes. The dealer hits a 10, and combined with his faced down cards (a 10) he busts. You make a 21, everybody wins, because the dealer busted.

If you wouldn’t have hit that card, the dealer would have made 21 and the table would have lost. Most of the times the first card won't bust the dealer, so if you are a third baseman you should play for your own interest, not for the other players.

2nd Myth: A cold craps table will remain cold, and a hot one will remain hot.

The Fact: A hot or a cold streak at the craps table won’t change the average results or the odds.

Many craps player take this myth for granted, but they are wrong. The game is played with dice and unless they are magically controlled there is no reason why a streak can’t change.

We have tested this myth several years ago when we have kept track of the results of several craps tables from Midwest, South, and Nevada casinos. We kept track of the results after two consecutive passes.

The result: The pass bettors lost 511 wagers and won 489 on the next round after two consecutive wins. The dice didn't stayed hot

We have also kept track of the results after two consecutive don’t passes. From 1,000 situations the dice passed 496 times, which is three more passes than the expected average. The dice didn't stayed cold.

So as you can see we have conducted 2,000 trials, which should convince any skeptic that this myth is not true.

3rd Myth: Counting cards in baccarat can help you just as much as it does in blackjack

The Fact: Counting cards in baccarat does not help you at all

In baccarat a favorable situation for the player happens very rare. Peter Griffin wrote in The Theory of Blackjack that a layer who bets only when he has an advantage can bet around 3 hands per 8 hour, and his edge would be 0.7%.

If the bet is placed on a tie, with six cards remaining, but only if all the cards are dealt out, the player can obtain a 24% edge. But this situation will never happen at a baccarat table so we can say that this myth is busted.

4th Myth: An experienced roulette dealer can place the ball on any number he wants

The Fact: A dealer can't place the ball on any number no matter how experienced he is. There are too many variables: the ball bounces off the surface, the wheel rolls in a way, and the ball in other way.

The casinos make money as long as they are legit and don't hustle their customers. A dealer who would be able to control the ball would be a threat to the casino and to the casino's reputation.
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