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Table Games : Nicknames for Starting Hands in Texas Hold’em - 2nd Part - Non-P

By Arthur Levine

Level: Jun 22nd 2007
In my last article we presented you the nicknames given to the starting pairs in Texas Hold'em. Now, let's take a look at the nicknames given to the non-paired starting hands:

The Ace-King combination: Big Slick, Anna Kournikova (the pair looks good but wins very rare), Machine Gun (from the famous Kalashnikov machine gun: AK-47), "Walking Back to Houston" (made famous by poker legend T.J. Cloutier’s quote: "I can see you learned to play in Houston. Those Houston players would come to Dallas and play that ace-king, but they'd always end up against a pair of aces. That's why we call that hand 'Walking back to Houston.'")

The Ace-Queen combination: Little Slick, Doyle Brunson

The Ace-Jack combination: Blackjack (I’m sure you have figured this one out)

The Ace-Ten combination: A-Team, Johnny Moss

The King-Queen suited combination: Royal Marriage

The King-Queen off suit combination: Mixed Marriage

The King-Jack combination: Kojak

The King-Jack off suit combination: The Bachelor

The K-9 combination: Hand of the Dog (Canine is sometimes written K-9)

The K-3 combination: King Crab

The Queen-Jack combination: Maverick

The Queen-Ten combination: Q-Tip, Varkonyi (Robert Varkonyi is the winner of the 2002 World Series of Poker Main Event)

The Queen-Three combination: San Francisco Waiter

The Jack-Ten combination: Cloutier (a play made famous by the poker legend T.J. Cloutier)

The Jack-Eight combination: Jeffrey Dahmer

The Jack-Five combination: Motown, Jackson Five

The Jack-Four combination: Flat tire

The Ten-Five combination: Five and Dime

The Ten-Four combination: Over and Out, Good Buddy (a radio code)

The Ten-Deuce combination: Doyle Brunson

The Nine-Six combination: Dinner for two (If you put the numbers the other way you get 69 and I guess you know what that is)

The Nine-Five combination: Dolly Parton (from the song and the movie Nine to Five)

The Nine-Four combination: Gold Rush, San Francisco (If you put the numbers the other way you get 49, made famous by the gold rush)

The Seven-Six combination: Philadelphia, Union Oil, Trombones

The Seven-Five combination: Heinz, Ketchup (because Heinz has fifty-seven varieties of ketchup)

The Seven-Three combination: Hachem (Joe Hachem won the 2005 WSOP main event with this hand. His opponent had a straight and flopped it)

The Seven-Deuce off suit combination: The Hammer (This is the worst starting hand you can get in Texas Hold'em)

The Seven-Deuce suited combination: Velvet Hammer

The Five-Four combination: Colt 45, Moneymaker (Chris Moneymaker, the winner of the 2003 WSOP main event had this as his last hand of the tournament)

As you can see Doyle Brunson has two hands named after him. He's a great player and that is one of the reasons. Ten-Deuce is named after Texas Dolly, because he won two consecutive World Series of Poker main events with that hand.

Ace-Queen is his least favorite hand and that it received that nickname. These were all the nicknames given to each starting hand, so go play at a casino and see of you recognize them.
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