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By Joni Hawk

Level: Feb 12th 2007
Poker is the most popular card game of all time. You can play it in cardrooms as well as in casinos. Players bet in a pot along with the others and keep their cards hidden at all time. The game involves hand ranking. The winner is the one who has the best card combination. Nowadays you can play poker online as well.

A poker room's income comes from taking a small amount of the players' money on each hand. This amount is called a rank. The rankeback represents a percentage of the rake, won back by the player for signing up for the poker room on a poker site.

This sum can be paid by either the casino itself or by an affiliate that has the duty of promoting the poker room. There are certain disadvantages when the payout is made by an affiliate because if something goes wrong with this third party you can't get the rakeback back.

This is why you have to choose the site carefully. Only a few affiliates are trustworthy with rakeback pays and that's why many poker players don't even know the rakeback exists.

Each website has different ways of calculating the rakeback. There are two methods of calculating the amount: the contributing method and the dealt method. The first takes into consideration the money every person adds to the pot.

The second method means the total rake is divided between all the players. This variable may change the value of the rakeback. Its value in money will be automatically transferred into your account each month.

Since this game is so popular worldwide it is even more interesting to play with opponents from other parts of the world. Not to mention that you are doing it from your own home, while standing in front of your computer.

Recently special programs were designed to help players get their rakeback. Usually poker pro's are the ones making the most of this bonus as they are rewarded for their loyalty to a certain poker room.

There are many reasons why you should use one of these online poker rakeback programs. First, you win more if you play more. You are given a percent of the money you gambled back, so the more you play the more you get back. Think of it as an opportunity. You are certain that if you get rakeback you also get all your bonuses as well.

There is absolutely nothing to lose by getting a rakeback. In fact all players should try getting it since they are entitled to it. Not to mention poker fans who love to play for all they have. Joining an online poker rakeback program will help you earn and save impressive sums each month! It is a safe way of increasing your profits!
Lesson 1: Poker History
Where did this card game come from? How did it get its name? Find out here.
Lesson 2: Poker Rules
The basics and the variations. Rules and regulations… How do you play Poker anyways?
Lesson 3: Poker Hands
So you know the basics, find out what hand wins over what… Does a straight beat 3 Aces?
Lesson 4: Poker Betting
“You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold then”… and when to raise!
Lesson 5: Poker Strategy
Learn how to play and point to follow to play smart
Lesson 6: Poker Vocabulary
Impress your buddies on Poker night, with High Roller lingo.

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