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Table Games : Texas Hold'Em Tips

By Arthur Levine

Level: Aug 7th 2007
Texas Holde’em is a game that will test anyone’s skills starting with the casual player trough the ones who spend limitless hours playing poker online and ending with professional players who participated in the World Series of Poker.

For fans of the texas hold’em game I put together a list of hold’em tips that will help anyone understand the texas hold’em poker game better.

Grant the Texas Hold’em Table 100% of your attention
From my experience I discovered that it is not too complicated to find out who the first poker players are that will be eliminated from the game. These are the ones who don’t pay enough attention to the table, making calls or keeping an eye on the TV for the local sports scores or whatever other actions instead of being interested only on what is going on on the poker game.

Don’t avoid bets on Risky Cards early on or if the Money is right
Most of the poker players will advise you that its best to fold if you are holding a 2 and 3 mixed suits because these are low cards and even for a flush your odds are low. Now, I've thought over this advice and I can tell you with confidence that if you have the money and the right situation you should give it a try and make this bet.

Let’s say that your cards come early in the game with blinds being still small. This is the time when you can afford the risk of hoping at least for a flop. Also, this is a time when if you get matching cards or even better, you go for a straight, you can decide on whether you continue or you fold and this won’t cost you much. Consider that with a 2 and 3 or with an A K you have the same odds of getting the straight.

Study and Improve you Playing Habits
Don’t spend your time trying only to discover other’s people playing habits. It’s best for you to first study and understand your playing style so you can improve it. For instance, don’t always bet the same amount of money based on your cards or if you always raise whenever you receive a texas holdem poker hand of 2 Aces at the start, you should better choose to change the amount of the raise. My advice is to not raise just as an option that keeps more people in the game.
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Lesson 4: Poker Betting
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Lesson 5: Poker Strategy
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Lesson 6: Poker Vocabulary
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