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Video Poker : Myths regarding video poker

By Daniel Michaels

Level: Apr 27th 2007
There are many myths related to slot machines like: can an operator push a button to offer the jackpot, or will a machine pay more after a losing streak, or do the machines offer lower pay percentages on weekends? The answers to these questions is no.

Since video poker machines have the pay table displayed on them, there aren't too many myths related with these machines, but let's take a look at some of them:

1st Myth: The lower denomination games pay less than the high denomination games.

The Fact: If the games have the same pay table they will release the same amount of money; the coin denomination does not influence this.

The myth seems plausible, since the $5 slot machines offer more money than the 1$ ones and so on. This can't be applied in the case of video poker machines, because the same amount of money will be offered for a flush whether you play for nickels or for dollars. This is applied to other winning combinations.

Most casinos use the lower denomination coin machines to offer a higher pay out. Full-pay Deuces Wild, a 100.8 percent game can be found most of the times on quarter games and very rarely on dollar games.

2nd Myth: Fewer Aces will be dealt on machines that offer big jackpots on four Aces

The Fact:Players receive the Aces more often on games that offer the Jackpot for four Aces (Double Bonus Poker and Super Aces).

The reason for this is that the money offered for the jackpot will be recovered from the reduced number of other winning combinations achieved at these games.

The successful players don't use the same strategy on different games. Since a game like Super Aces offers the jackpot for 4 Aces, the player will use the Aces more often.

Four Aces are drawn once per 4,209 hands in 8-5 Super Aces compared to once per 5,100 hands in games such as 9-6 Jacks or Better.

This is because the plays used in Jacks or Better are performed opposite in Super Aces. Because you need the Aces, in case of a full house you will keep only the Aces. The same thing happens in the case of two pairs, you will keep only the Aces.

The machine deals the card randomly; the way we use our cards influences the frequency of the Four Aces.

3rd Myth: If you discard only one card, another card of the same denomination will replace it

The Fact: If you discard only one card, another card of the same denomination will replace it around 3 times per 47 plays.

Let's say you have received 7-8-9-10 of different suits and you throw away a Jack. The deck has 52 cards and you saw 5 of them meaning that there are 47 cards left. From those 47, only 3 of them are Jacks, meaning that the chances of drawing another Jack are 3 in 47.

The chances can be even slimmer. Let's say you have 7-8-9-10 of diamonds and you throw away a 10 of spades to go for the flush. Now the chances of receiving another 10 are 2 in 47.

People tend to remember when these situations have happened and they generalize it, saying that they always receive a card of the same denomination. If they would keep exact track of these situations, they would change their mind about this.

4th Myth: The machine stops paying after a big paying hand

The Fact: The odds do not change after a big paying hand.

This myth is also wide-spread among slot players, who think that once a machine has paid it won't pay for a period of time. They think that this is a casino's strategy to recover the money, but it's not. We suggest remaining at the same machine even if you have just won.
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