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Pros and Cons of Multi-hand Video Poker Games

By Alex C.

Level: Apr 20th 2010
There are so many versions of video poker and they’re all appealing to players since they require a large amount of player interaction and an understanding of strategies. Strategies also vary from game to game, meaning that virtually each type of game offers a new experience though some elements pertain to all of them. Multi-hand video poker has been appearing and growing in popularity at some of the top online casinos. Most multi-hand games allow players to choose the number of hands that they’d like to play, and that in itself involves some element of strategy that can increase or decrease the odds that players have of winning.

Video poker might seem like a simple game, and in some ways when playing online it is easy to play. What’s not easy for players is how they can play to win because they really need to incorporate video poker strategies that give them a better advantage over the house or the dealers. There is a lot involved including understanding how to effectively play out multi-hand games, knowledge of poker hand rankings and the basic principles of poker, and a grasp of payout percentages and what they mean. Video poker is a great game to try for free as well so players can practice these strategies.

Multi-hand games can give players an increased chance of winning and also increase their potential payoffs. But, players that aren’t familiar with strategies might find themselves in disastrous situations when they make improper choices. Some players might feel like the automatically want to go for the maximum number of hands allowed, which can be as many as 100 in a game, though some offer only 10 or 50.

With multi-hand games, players don’t always need to select the top number of hands that they are able to because it’s not always to their best advantage. There are a combination of things that players should think about when choosing the number of hands because it can have an impact upon the total betting amounts that are necessary and payout percentages also come into play. With most online casino games for video poker, the payout percentages should be listed based on the number of hands and players should review them in order to determine what’s a better bet to increase their odds. Bankroll is also something that should always be considered for best strategy; it’s not always about winning, it’s about increasing the chances of winning WHILE prolonging play time for more enjoyment. Betting on a large number of hands means players need to place larger bets which they could lose, and if that happens in the first betting round then they’ve got no other opportunity to win or have fun.

Multi-hand video poker games can increase the challenge for players who want even more exciting and even risky opportunities to play varieties of their favorite games, and when using the right strategies they can better ensure that the odds are more in their favor.
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