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Video Poker Payout Percentages

By Carly C.

Level: May 3rd 2010
Most casino games like slots really leave players with no options for strategy. They are just games of luck and chances, with not steps towards improvement. More and more players are turning to video poker when they select a game at an online casino for it does lend that strategy and skill to win. Players get to interact with the game on a high level. They also have more of stance in the game, controlling the outcome a great deal. More often than not, payout percentages are not always considered when a player selects a game at an online casino. Usually casino goers are more interested in the big bonuses and jackpots. However, payout percentages should be considered with selecting an online casino game. With video poker, the house usually takes the greater advantage due to player’s ignoring those payout percentages. Players can find most payout percentages posted on the casino’s website. This information is generally found with the game information available to those that download the casino software. Just knowing this information can yield different advantages.

Payout percentages by definition show players how likely it is that they will get some sort of return on their bets. These percentages also tell how strong the house edge may be on individual video poker games. The online casino industry offers so many different variations and types of video poker. This can make it challenging to find a game with a high payout percentage and a lower house edge. One game may have multi hand games, while others do not, making it difficult to compare each and every video poker game.

Those frequent players at some of the best online casinos can really see a change if they pay attention to payout percentages as they are usually making large bets on a daily basis. To understand a payout percentage, players should know that the percentage is based on how much money a player will most likely walk away with after they bet x number of dollars. The standard video poker payout percentages generally seem to fall in the 90th percentile. It can even be 94% or more, lending pretty high payout chances.

Players should not let this number deceive them. Payout percentages are based upon a long period of time playing. Often times, games sound like they have high percentages and a greater edge over the house, but that is not always the case. Players need to keep in mind that online casinos have to make their money somewhere. They are not going to offer games that only benefit a player every single time. These percentages are not all bad. They can tell players what games might produce better odds.

Those that decide to factor in payout percentages should also be aware of effective video poker strategies. To use payout percentages and understand them, a player has to know poker hand rankings and when to make crafted moves. Players that are new to video poker may want to practice their poker skills at a casino that offers gameplay in free versions before they start playing for real money.

Payout percentages at casinos online should be seen as a guide for players, indicating if the game will be worth it. The general rule of thumb follows that the higher the percentage, the better the odds most likely. This should not cloud all of a player’s reasoning for selecting a game. Those numbers should be understood and expectations for winning should never be too high.
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