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Aces and Faces Video Poker Review

Aces And Faces

Video poker has come a long way, especially with the leading online casinos and software providers who are constantly adding new games to their inventory to implement different strategies and twists to traditional poker games so players can utilize their basic poker skills without ever getting bored. Of course, video poker is popular too because players aren’t actually playing against a dealer or any other players so they can play on their own terms.

Video poker has been made even more engaging with multi-hand games that increase the excitement for players and the size of the bets that can be placed. Multi-hand poker really puts a twist on traditional games, and it’s just one other way that video poker has developed to encourage players with more incentives to play. Video poker is typically a game that’s based primarily upon strategy and just a small amount remains about luck. Another version of video poker, Aces and Faces is very different from the typical games because it actually depends more upon luck then video poker strategy.

Aces and Faces is a video game from Playtech that is available in single hand, 4 Line, and 25 Line games. However with Aces and Faces, the original game was single line, so players don’t get to choose the number of hands to play with. With Aces and Faces, all cards are dealt to create the complete hands and then winnings are distributed automatically. Players don’t actually have to intervene or use much strategy as they do in typical video poker games. This makes Aces and Faces a great game for players to start leaning the patterns and strategies of video poker, because the game is based more on observation since the game plays through virtually independently.

This version of Aces and Faces comes from Playtech, which is one of the most reputable online casino software providers that players will find mentioned in many online casino reviews, known for its great graphics and level of reliability. However, there are other software providers that feature this game. In the upper right corner of this page, you’ll see link to other variations.

Aces and Faces is a bit different from other video poker games in other ways as well. Hand rankings that payout the most are the face cards and aces, of course, just as the name implies. The top payout is for the highest ranking face card and then it goes down from there. Winnings are immediately recognized by the casino software and payouts distributed, so it’s a fairly quick game to play, especially if players take advantage of the customizable options that can help to shape their experience.

Unlike most video poker games which require a high level of player interaction, Aces and Faces virtually plays through on its own which means that an autoplay function can be used, allowing players to play other games at the same time at online casinos that allow it. Different skill-levels are also part of the software, and players can choose expert if they’re ready to increase the challenge. For players who would like to make the game run even faster, there is also the ability to adjust the speed, and even have 5 or 10 hands dealt at once with decreases some of the graphic features and focuses more upon the games and distributing any winnings for lucky players.

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