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Blackjack Switch Game Review

Blackjack Switch

You will never find someone who has never heard of the game of blackjack even if they’ve never tried it personally because it’s one of the most popular games that can be found at all of the top casinos online as well as brick and mortar casinos around the world. Because it’s such a popular game, once players have been playing for an extensive period of time and have really focused upon learning the basics and refining their strategy, they may be ready to move onto things that are new but use the same basic blackjack concepts. For this reason, a number of casino game software providers have released spin-off versions of the world’s most popular game to add even more interest.

Playtech has come out with a unique version different than most blackjack games that can’t be found at any other casinos that do not use this casino software. Blackjack Switch is the game that Playtech has developed and it has an added feature that makes it even more enticing to players. Blackjack Switch gets its name because it allows players to swap cards in the two hands that they receive.

The game of Blackjack Switch starts when players receive two sets of cards. Once they have 2 cards per hand, they are provided the option to trade cards between hands in order to make stronger hands. That is the main function that makes this version of blackjack different, because once players have opted to switch their hands or not, the normal gameplay that goes with blackjack resumes. Players engage in multi-hand blackjack with two hands and can choose to hit or stand in order to have strong hands that will beat the dealer without going over 21.Players that want to protect their bets can also opt into the insurance.

The downside of this game is that payouts are reduced because of the two hands. However, players can also choose to take advantage of the Super Match bet which provides an additional side bet. That has to be placed before the game starts. Players can choose to place bets anywhere from $1 to $300. This means that the options are flexible enough so that it suits any bankroll.

With this blackjack alternative there are customizable features that players can use to make their experience more personal. Full-screen and smaller windows can be used to view the game, and game speed can be set as well as the option to turn on or off the animations.

Blackjack is popular, but eventually players may find that the game itself gets a bit repetitive especially when they’ve mastered the standard blackjack strategies and want to try something a little bit different still using the same basic concepts. Blackjack Switch is a great game, and there are many online casino reviews that will vouch for the reputation of Playtech software and the quality gaming experience it always offers.

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