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Solo Mahjong

Solo Mahjong

Solo Mahjong and Solo Mahjong Pro are two single player versions of the classic Chinese game of Mahjong. These two games are available in both the Japanese and World Mahjong Federation Rules.

How to Play

Solo Mahjong necessitates no prior comprehension of Mahjong. However, players will learn some of the basic concepts of traditional Chinese game as they play this exciting variation. First, they'll be presented with a ready hand (one tile away from a win), where they'll have 3 opportunities to complete a winning hand by choosing a tile from a set of 24 face down tiles (the wall).

On the other hand, when playing Solo Mahjong Pro, the players have to understand the basics of Mahjong, especially facts concerning winning had combinations. This version can be compared to Video Poker, where gamblers have to eliminate one tile to make a ready hand, and only after this, thay are allowed to complete a winning hand from a set of 24 face down tiles (the wall).

Under the wall is your hand. The space to the right of you hand holds the last selected tile, and the space above your hand holds the discarded tiles. If you choose a tile from the wall which can’t complete your hand, then No Hand message will be displayed and the tile will be discarded automatically. Afterward, you can choose another tile. As I mentioned above, you have only 3 chances to pick the right tile. So, if you’ve picked 3 tiles and none of them have completed your hand, the round is over.

A winning Mahjong hand consists in a specific combination of 14 tiles. At the start of a game round you have a ready hand or 13 tiles. Just pick one from the wall and see if you have a winning hand. The tiles in your hand are arranged into sets by suit and number.

If you picked the right tile, a win screen will be displayed. There you can observe all the sets in your hand, and how many points each set values. The more points you have, the bigger your win. In the win screen, you can click on Continue to review the end state of the round, or you can click on the New Game button to directly start the next round.

Hand Information

To the right of the wall is the Hand Information area that presents the random actions or bonuses associated with the current game round. The Hand Information parameters are representing a situation that would happen at the end of a true Mahjong game. The final score of the winning hand is based also on the Hand Information parameters:

  • Action: is a Mahjong hand that is applied as a bonus. If you win, this hand's points are added to your total. See Solo Mahjong Rules for the description of the hands and how many points they value.

    Nota Bene: if Action is Response, you obtain no bonus points.

  • Reach: specifies whether the Reach or Early Reach hand applies (see Solo Mahjong Rules for more information).

  • Honor Streak: specifies whether the Honor Streak bonus can occur in this hand.

  • Seat Wind and Quarter Wind: a set of wind tiles matching either the seat or quarter wind makes a special hand and increases your score.


  • Bet: is your bet per round. Use the arrow buttons to change the bet amount.

  • Win: represents your win amount in the last round (if you won).

  • Paytable: this button opens a screen where you can see how much you win given the point total as well as the names of tiles. Click the Close button to close the paytable.

  • New Game: by pressing this button, you will start a new game round.


  • Numeral Suits (Midles):
    • Bars: contains 8 tiles, marked with numbers 2 through 9.

    • Wons: contains 8 tiles, marked with numbers 2 through 9.

    • Dots: contains 8 tiles, marked with numbers 2 through 9.

  • Honors Suits:
    • Numeral Suits (Edges):

      • Bars:

      • Wons:

      • Dots:

    • Letter Suits:

      • Winds: contains 4 tiles, for the North, South, East and West winds.

      • Dragons: contains 3 tiles, for the Red, Green and White dragons.

Nota Bene: sets made of Honor Tiles are worth more than sets made of Middle Tiles (the 2nd through 8th tiles of number suits).


The 14 tiles of a winning Mahjong hand are arranged into several Sets. To qualify as a winning hand, your hand must be Full, meaning that each tile in the hand must be part of some Set. The following Sets are available:

  • Pong: a set of 3 tiles of identical suit and value.

  • Kong : a set of 4 tiles of identical suit and value.

  • Chee: a set of 3 tiles of identical suit and sequential value.

  • Pair: a set of 2 tiles of identical suit and value. This set does not give you any points, but is essential to complete a winning Mahjong hand.

For more information see the game's Help file!

Other Options:

  • Current balance: your account balance. This is your available gambling fund.

  • Cashier: clicking this button opens the Cashier window, where you can make deposits and withdrawals, where you can see your transaction history, etc.

  • Play for Real Money: this button is active only in Fun or Offline Mode. Clicking it will take you to the Real Money account creation page. If you already have a Real Money account, it will take you to the Play for Real Money login screen.

  • Chat: clicking this button will activate the black strip to the left of it, transforming it into a text box. Enter a message and click Chat again. Nota Bene: You can only talk to other gamblers in multiplayer games.

  • Menu:

    • History: opens the game history window, where you can see the details of latest game rounds. This option is unavailable in Offline mode.

    • Options: allows you to change audio quality and different playing settings.

    • Help: opens the Help section, similar to this one.

  • Online Support: allows you to contact a customer support specialist, available only in Online mode.

  • Close/Lobby: closes the game window and takes you back to the Lobby. You can enable or disable this feature in the Options window.

Shortcut Keys:

  • Tab: tab between the buttons on the screen.

  • Enter: clicks the button that is highlighted.

  • Esc: exit the online casino game and go back to the Lobby.

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