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RealTime Gaming's American Roulette

American Roulette

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The American version of roulette is different from the European Roulette counterpart in one way that probably doesn't seem all that significant to the casual observer, but is in fact very fundamental, in that there is both a zero (0) and double zero (00) on the roulette wheel.

This particular American roulette game, as it is designed by RealTime Gaming (RTG), is a graphically exquisite representation of the game that US players are very familiar with. RealTime Gaming, of course, has long since been recognized as one of the top online casino software companies in the industry.

Getting started with RTG's version of American Roulette is absolutely simple. The virtual chip tray appears just to your left, and all you have to do is click on one of the four different denominations to establish what you are going to use as your basic bet. Then you just go to the layout and click whatever you want to wager on - multiple times if you want that amount multiplied by the number of times you click on it. You've got a chance to place straight bets (bets on any specific number) in this game, along with:

* Street Bets, covering any set of three numbers in a row.

* Line Bets, covering a set of six numbers in two adjacent rows.

* Column Bet, which covers a whole column of numbers on the table and pays off at 2-to-1 odds;

* Even-Money Bets, which happen when you bet on 18 numbers at once, covering various groupings, whether they be by sequence (e.g., 1-8), by color (red or black), or odd or even. It's essentially an even money bet, or rather as close as you're going to get to it. .

There's plenty here to use your strategic roulette sense on!

If you mouse over the various wagers, you will be able to see what the payouts are, as well as the maximum bet. For example, you have the opportunity to mouse over the number 19 on the layout and it will tell you that the odds the bet will pay off at are 35-to-1 and that the maximum wager you can put down is $10. If you move the mouse over to the line that is between the 19 and 20, you'll discover that the odds are 17-to-1, and the maximum bet allowed is $20.

When you being your mouse over the propositions, like the "1st 12" over the "Even," you will see a yellow outline that's going to tell you precisely which numbers the bet covers, and as a result you are never going to be left "in the dark," so to speak.

This extends itself to the process where you will keep track of which numbers have come out, which as you know full well, is a popular practice among roulette players around the world. You're going to be able to see which numbers have been already landed in the current sequence, in a tote board that is "live." Then you can go ahead and "strategize" or "theorize." If you take a look and see that seven or eight black numbers have come up against just a couple of red numbers, do you start making decisions based on the "law of averages"? Learning beginner to advanced roulette strategy is a good starting point to improve your odds at winning American Roulette.

One thing there is no doubt about is your ability to see what number came up on the spin. Not only do you have the tote board at the top (which sort of resembles the tote board at a race track), you also have both a long view and a short view (in the inset) of the roulette wheel.

Online roulette is often known as an "exclusive" game, that is, one that is restricted to wealthy individuals, but such is not the case. This is a game that is surprisingly accessible to small-money players, since you can play it with a minimum bet of just 25 cents. No excuses - get involved!

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