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Playing blackjack like a pro is something any player can master. You can learn everything about playing blackjack successfully. The fact is that blackjack is a casino game where with proper play you can put the odds in your favor over the long term and emerge a winner. To play blackjack like a pro does however require work, effort, and practice.

Only if you make the necessary effort and learn the basic blackjack strategy and card counting, only if you play to a predetermined plan, you will be able to master the blackjack game.

Statistically, there is one right action a gambler can make, for each of the hands he is dealt, against each up card the dealer holds. This is acknowledged as the Basic Strategy, and all successful blackjack strategies are based on it.

Blackjack is a classic game of strategy that puts you against the dealer in a challenge to see who can get closer to 21 points without exceeding. Both you and the dealer receive two cards at the beginning of the game. You can see both of your cards, but only one of the dealer's cards. It's your decision. Take a Hit and hope that the next card will push you closer to 21, without surpassing it. Stand with the cards you have and hope that they'll be enough to beat the dealer. Or, dare to Double Down for that great payout. You get to choose!

Point Values

  • Cards 2 through 10: face value
  • Face Cards: 10 points
  • Aces: 1 point or 11 points, whichever makes a better hand

Gaming Options

  • Click Chips to place a bet within table limits or click Rebet
  • Click Deal
  • Click Insure if the Dealer's face-up card is an Ace and you want to insure the gane
  • Click Hit, Stand, Double, or Split
  • Continue to click Hit until you Stand, Double, Bust, Push, or until the dealer Busts
  • Splitting: you can Split the first two cards dealt if they are of identical point value. When you Split, you must place a supplementary bet that is equal to the initial wager. You will now have two hands. You can continue to Hit for each hand, unless the split was made for a pair of Aces, in which case you can only Hit once for each hand.
  • Doubling: you can only Double once in Blackjack.
  • Insurance: this option is a supplementary bet when the dealer has Blackjack. You can buy Insurance when the dealer's face-up card is an Ace. Insurance cost half the amount of the ante and pays 2:1 if the dealer has Blackjack. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, the insurance is gathered by the house.

The Dealer's Gaming Options:

  • Dealer Hits on any total of 16 or less
  • Dealer Stands on any total of 17 or more
  • Dealer Hits on any hard total of 16 or less
  • Dealer Stands on any hard total of 17 or more
  • Dealer Hits on any soft total of 17 or less
  • Dealer Stands on any soft total of 18 or more
  • Hard Total: the total of any hand not containing Aces or the total of a hand where the Ace is counted as 1. So a 10 and an 8 is a Hard Total of 18, or a Hard 18. An Ace and a 7 is a Hard Total of 8.
  • Soft Total: a hand that contains an Ace which is counted as 11. Exempli gratia: an Ace and a 9 are a soft 20. "Soft" denotes that the value can be changed. If later valued at 1, it becomes a "Hard" hand.


Winner Hand Payouts
Dealer Blackjack None
Player Blackjack 3:2 (first hand only)
Player Other winning hands Even Money
Dealer/Player Tie  Other hands Recoup ante

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