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European Roulette Game Review

European Roulette

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European Roulette, which is part of the RealTime Gaming (RTG) collection of online casino games, creates a rich and realistic experience at the online roulette table which serves as a testament to the design know-how of all the people at RTG. This online roulette game comes with a plethora of options for the player, and not the least of which is the opportunity to turn up the sounds that serve to feed the atmosphere of the game. At the same time, conceding that this is a game distinct from the American version of the game, it facilitates an easier understanding of the game.

The graphic interface of any game is always something that can make or break an experience, and in this case it truly has a lot to offer, with a clear and clean representation of the roulette table and lively animation on the roulette wheel, and of course, to improve your view, you can take this casino game into full screen mode or use a reduced-size screen. When you're playing the game, you've got the chance to take advantage of a number of specialty bets that are on the menu.

As you might now already, there are two different versions of roulette you can play. American Roulette is the one that US players are probably most familiar with, and in this version, the wheel has slots for both a zero (0) and a double zero (00). In the other version, which is the European version, there is only a single zero on the wheel. It follows that the European game offers a higher percentage of either a red or a black number coming up on the wheel, which consists of numbers 1-36 in addition to the zero.

The object of online roulette is relatively simple - you're looking to select the number on the layout that matches the number the ball lands on, one of the outside bets that are available to wager on, or one of the specialty bets that are on the menu

For example, you can make a "Voisins du Zero" bet, where you are placing a wager on zero (0) as well as (a) the nine numbers that are to the left of it, and (b) the seven numbers to the right (on the wheel, that is). There's a small oval next to the main layout, and that is where you can place those bets. There are many different roulette strategies for everyone from new roulette players to advanced amateur pros.

Different denominations of chips start out in your tray, and you simply click on one of those denominations, say a $1 chip, and that goes into a slot that indicates the amount of money you are going to bet per click. If you want to bet multiples of that chip denomination, just click as many times as is needed to place that bet. For instance, if your denomination is $1 you can click three times if you want to place a $3 bet.

The maximum wager on any individual number is $10. The biggest bet you can make on the "Inside" or "Outside" bets is $100.

You've got a picture that gives you a close-up view of the ball as it is going into the slot, and a very accessible tote board lets you know which numbers have come up, so you don't even need to document it with the traditional pen-and-paper method.

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