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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games; however, it’s a game that players can get bored with after they’ve come experienced and learned all of the blackjack strategies and methods that can improve their enjoyment of the game and their odds of winning. Blackjack is such a popular casino game, that many online casinos and software providers have come out with variations on the game to keep players interested and give them something new to try even once they feel like they’ve had enough of the classic blackjack experience.

Real Time Gaming, as a leading online casino software provider has come up with a variety of online blackjack games, some that are more similar to classic rules and standards of blackjack and others use some of the concepts with a number of variations. RealTime Gaming’s Pontoon is a spin-off of blackjack that is an easy to learn game, just like blackjack. While many blackjack variation make the game more complicated to add additional challenge, Pontoon is actually much simpler and incorporates some different rules.

The game of Pontoon uses two 52 card decks. The game plays through as per regular rules of blackjack, the major difference in the game is that instead of aiming to make a blackjack with a face card and ace, players are actually trying to get a Pontoon which is an ace and a 10. There is another way that players can win, when they make a hand of 5 cards that totals 21 or less then there is a smaller payout of 2:1 which means that unlike blackjack, it’s not merely about having a better hand than the dealer’s in order to win.

Unlike in blackjack, players do not have the advantage of looking at any face-up cards belonging to the dealer in order to determine their strategy. Unfortunately, in Pontoon all of the dealer’s cards are kept face down. The other factor that gives the house its edge is the fact that, like blackjack, when there is a tie in the game, the win goes to the dealer.

The design of the game uses a typical table game design, which is a feature that’s common with RealTime Gaming software and is mentioned by online casino reviews quite regularly. It gives players the feel of being in a brick and mortar casino with the classy table design and great graphics and animations. There are some options that allow players to customize their experience as well. Volume and card speed are options that players can adjust. Additionally, players can select to have the game play through on its own using an autoplay function. However, they will have to trust that the casino will make the best decisions on their behalf. The software also tracks playing history so players can keep track of how they’ve been doing.

Pontoon can be played for fun or for real money, but as a single-hand game it does only require players to place small bets unless they’re into putting more money on the line. Since the game comes from Real Time Gaming US players are welcome to give it a try.

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