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Customer Service Equals Customer Loyalty

By Daniel Michaels, May 20th 2005
Most online casinos do not understand just how important customer service is to those persons who choose to gamble at online casinos. The largest complaint with regard to the majority of online casinos is the overwhelming failure to service betting customers. This lack of customer support in the arena of online casinos is more often than not the result of ignorance. The bulk of people that operate online casinos do not have a background in customer service, and do not realize that good customer service equals customer loyalty. Customer service at online casinos comes in many different forms, which include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), email, telephone, chat, and fax.

Probably the most under rated form of customer service at online casinos is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). This section is a compilation of questions and answers that have been asked so frequently that the online casinos post them on the web site so that they may benefit everyone. Because these questions cover such a wide variety of topics, always visit the FAQ section before proceeding with the other avenues of customer service.

The second and most frequently utilized form of customer service used by the online casinos is email. Using email as a contact option allows you to keep a record of correspondence, and reveals the name of the person with whom you have been dealing. With this written documentation, it makes the process easier if you need to contact the supervisor or manager with regard to the customer service representative. When drafting an email, always remember to include your complete name and account number and be as specific as possible about the problem or question. In addition, include a physical address if writing to inquire about your online casino account information.

A telephone customer service number is an absolute must and there is no excuse for online casinos to not provide either a local or toll free number. If no telephone number is made available do not deposit any money; there are plenty of other casinos online that do offer telephone support and which are a much safer bet.

Chat support is where a customer is able to connect directly to a live online casino representative in a manner similar to ICQ or Yahoo Messenger. With this method, you are able to type in your questions and receive an answer almost immediately.

While fax is not used on a large scale with regard to customer service at online casinos, it is there as an option. The main purpose that fax serves is to make the consumer more comfortable by offering him yet another contact option. It is not used very often, but most online casinos provide it nonetheless.

Whichever form(s) of customer service online casinos choose to offer the consumer, at least one of the options should be available 24 hours a day. The center of any business is the customer, therefore casinos online should strive to provide FAQ’s, email, telephone, chat, and fax as different avenues of support

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