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French Get Deeper Into The Online Gambling Issues

By Lyndon Evans, Sep 25th 2007
French Online Gambling

When first online gambling and online gambling casinos appeared we faced with an unruly gambling industry. It was a time when anybody could set up a gambling website and everybody could gamble freely. But this kind of chaos had to change and it did change for a number of reasons.

Now, countries no longer lose business and tax income having gambling sites operated from overseas. Today governments can focus and have the ability to control underage or other problematic forms of gambling. Also, in the past the lack of a global policy permitted some states to block online casinos from other states having as result an unequal competition. Today this is no longer the case.

However, it seems that online gambling history will soon change its course once again due to the recent state of things. Having the United States banning online gambling and UK approving and implementing the online gambling industry there might be competing policies in place. For sure someone must think at the long term implications of the online gambling industry and we should recognize that this industry is not going to disappear from our lives any time soon.

There are also countries like France who are concerned with online gambling and thinking about ways to protect their citizens. Because they have observed other countries like US and their failed online gambling policy and the successful UK online gambling policy, France has decided to face reality.

The French decided to get their hands dirty with policymaking, meaning that they will be ready to soften their stance on online gambling casinos. But, is this good news and what should we expect to see in the coming negotiations between French government representatives and EU officials this week in Brussels?

EU officials will ask the French government to agree to online gambling businesses located in Europe to serve its people. But this will affect the existing monopolies in operation so in return the French will try to find a safe solution for its own gambling business.

They will of course try to keep some tax revenues within the country, so the French government will request that any gambling operator serving the French will have to open a shop in the country as well.

Pertaining to what aspects of gambling will be broached and approved, the French might try and limit online gambling, at least for the moment, to sports gambling only, leaving online poker gambling and other games for later.

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