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Online Casino Player Gets Lucky

By Joni Hawk, Dec 12th 2006
If you visit online casinos you certainly gain lots of fun and why not, also some wins. With all this known, a player from the online casino proves that one can win plenty of times in a 24-hour period!

So if you want to make the online casino a little visit, then you should time your cash and time accordingly. You should plan how much you are going to spend at the online casino within a 24-hour period and you hope that your money will be enough until you manage to achieve your goal.

It a normal thing not to plan the number of times you will win at an online casino in that certain period. Because even with a win you can consider yourself lucky. Although, David Priest may have used the above mention method, when playing at the online casino, he had quite a big syrprise, in the end, because he won many times over, and in the end cumulating a total win of over $50,000 all this is a very limited amount of time.

The reason Priest visited Mapau online casino was to enjoy a few good games of Keno and slots. It was a normal thing for him to win, but he did not realize that he would win big at least four times. He first won at the game of Keno, $5000 after which that sum increased to $10,000 in the following morning.

After a short period of time, Priest topped up his winnings at the online casino winning a slots jackpot of $20,000. And between the big wins, Priest managed to cash in on another slots jackpot. There are professional gamblers at an online casino who may, indeed, manage to win big money. However, it is rare for a gambler to win so many times at online casino games of chance, especially in such a short period of time.

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