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PokerSyndicate.com has a Bright Future

By George Oates, Mar 28th 2006
The owner and operator of PokerSyndicate.com, IGV Limited, declared today that it intends to buy ImperialPoker.com. During this time, Imperial Poker will experience a re-branding after which it will be consolidated with the company's PokerSyndicate.com web site.

The company was created by determined group of poker professionals that grew tired of always seeing the poker player disadvantaged, that is why PokerSyndicate.com has done a novel, proprietary concept that is going to revolutionize the industry.

PokerSyndicate.com is a very friendly site, created "For Players .... by Players". It can pride itself with the fact that it is the only site that is own entirely by those who play on it. In other words, it is not only the site you play on, it is the site you own. It is not a very complicated idea. Other poker sites make money by charging, either, a rake at the cash game tables or requesting a tournament entry fee.

But every time one of the players logs on and plays at PokerSyndicate.com, they will receive a credit back of 50% from all of the rake they paid together with the entry fee, that was required, because it was in the form of stockholder equity ownership in the site. "As long as you play, you are an owner of PokerSyndicate.com."

It is based on a hard equity ownership, not on a profit distribution plan, or a participation of profits that go into a trust, where the players receive a small participation percentage. With the earned shares, players can do what they like with them. Even if a player does not continue his activity on the site, he will continue to receive dividends, from the shares that he has.

As a matter of fact, not only do the players participate in the appreciated value of their share ownership, but the Company has declared that it will continuously distribute a minimum of 50% from all the profits derived, to the shareholders on a quarterly basis, beginning with the end of the third fiscal
Quarter, September 30, 2006.

The company has a very bright future ahead, ant it is aware of this fact. The Poker Community has received very well PokerSyndicate.com, and has a favorable opinion about the online gaming site.

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