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Understanding Online Casino Payouts

By Joni Hawk, Dec 12th 2006
Starting to play at an online casino is usually accompanied by a money management system. It's the best thing you can do. The professional gambler is always going to gamble at the online casino using an upper and a lower limit. So if you reach either one of the limits, then you know that it is time for you to end the play for that day.

Of course that the online casino payouts have a very important part in this process. Even if the online casino sets the usual payout rate, the player can also do the same. If an online casino has an overall payout rate of 97% the player should have a good idea of what that means and how it affects him.

If an online casino provides a 97% overall payout rate then this is basically telling the player that 97% of the money coming in to the online casino gets paid back out in the form of winnings. In other words the casino has a 3% profit margin. Even if this is a small amount, there are millions of players that are playing daily and this can greatly increase the casino revenues.

But you can also take into consideration the fact that the online casinos provides attractive winnings odds for players, that are many times better than a land based casino. And so the player also has the ability to set a casino payout for themselves. If a player sets a budget of say $100, then he can say that he will only work with 50% of that in the online casino.

In other words, if you lose the $50 then you can stop and walk away with the remaining $50 cut in half from the original $100. You can also set a winning payout. If you win 50% of the original amount you should walk away, leaving them with $150. This is up to the player's choice but setting a limit for wins and losses is always a good strategy.

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