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Asian Games : Game Tips & Strategies

There is no simple answer to what constitutes good strategy. Most of the time the correct play will be obvious. However sometimes the player must decide whether to weaken the high hand for the benefit of the low hand.

Here is a simple strategy. Unless stated this strategy assumes that two tiles of the same point total are non-pairing.

Never split the supreme pair except with 6 + 4/5/6.

Never split 2's or 12's except to form 6-8 or better.

Never split 9's except with any two of 2/10/12.

Never split 8's except with any two of 2/10/11/12.

Never split 7's except with one of 2/12 and one of 2/10/12.

With a 2/12 + 8/9 + 7 + any other non-pairing domino play the high 9 unless the other domino is a 4 or less.

With a 2/12 + 8 + 9 + any other non-pairing domino play the gong unless the other domino is a 3 or less.

With no gong or better to play balance the hand unless the low is 2 or less and a 7 or more can be played in the high hand.

All else being equal play the highest domino in the low hand unless with 7-9 or better.

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