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Baccarat : Game Tips & Strategies

Keep In Mind

Always keep in mind that past events, no matter how remarkable or unlikely, do not have any effect on future events. The game is completely random.

Since you're not playing against other players, it makes no difference what everyone else bets on, how much the bet is, or what the order in which the cards are dealt in is. Everyone has the same chances without affecting another person's play. Because of this, it also makes no difference where you sit at the table. Unlike blackjack, where your position at the table can help you play a more strategic game, in baccarat you can sit wherever you feel most comfortable.

It doesn't matter how long you have been playing the game of baccarat; an experienced player has just the same chances as a novice. So, don't overwork yourself with practice, because this is one area where the saying "practice makes perfect" does not apply.

The suit is irrelevant in baccarat.

Riding Trends

Every baccarat table will have plenty of scorecards and pencils for the players to keep track of the outcome of every hand. Most players will do so religiously and carefully analyze their card for trends as the winning hand switches back and forth from the banker to player. This is a big waste of time! The smart player will bet on the banker every time and leave the scorecards alone.

Where to Play Baccarat

Big table baccarat can be hard to find. In Las Vegas generally only those casinos with a large high roller room have it. Except for the Stardust the minimums usually start at $100 and go up from there. The Silver Legacy in Reno offers big table baccarat in the main casino for a $10 minimum.

Of course there is always the more convenient online option. Where you can play at your favourite online casino for free or Real Money, depending how you feel. You can test your skill in your pyjamas!!! You don't have to worry about the snooty crowd or tipping the waitress. If the ease on online Baccarat is more your style, Try GoldenLagoon.com or CasinoElDorado.com… its easy, fun, and accessible from your home pc.


Are the baccarat minimums too high for you? Then you may want to try mini-baccarat. The rules and house edge are the same but the minimum is usually only $5 or $10. Unlike regular baccarat with its player participation and unique decorum mini-baccarat is played at a blackjack size table where the dealer controls everything. The pace of mini-baccarat is very fast, it would not be surprising if more were bet per hour at a $10 mini-baccarat table than a $25 regular baccarat table. Without the atmosphere of the big baccarat table however, the mini-baccarat can seem to loose its charm and is reduced to a redundant and boring game. It is not surprising that mini-baccarat is one of the least popular table games in any casino.

Commission Free Baccarat

The Atlantic City Hilton offers a version of the banker bet in baccarat which pays even money but only wins 1 to 2 odds on a winning total of 6. The house edge on the banker bet is 1.623%. As usual gimmicks do not pay as well as the regular game, and this game is no exception.

Apparently there is also a version available in Singapore where there is no commission but a banker win of 8 pays 1 to 2. This has a house edge of 4.07% on the banker bet.

One and Six Deck Baccarat

As you may have read in lesson 3 - Baccarat Strategy, the less decks the game is played with the better it is for you. However, Six and Single deck Baccarat games are only available online. Land Based Casinos, as we know, tend to make winning harder. So if you are looking to decrease the house edge, online Baccarat is your best option.

Baccarat School Lessons
Lesson 1: Baccarat History
What does baccarat mean anyways? Where did originate?
Lesson 2: Baccarat Rules
Did you know there are three main variations to Baccarat? Also find out the specific regulations for the North American variation.
Lesson 3: Baccarat Strategy
Once you've learned the basics, find out the when is the best time to "hit", "stand". What is the house advantage?
Lesson 4: Baccarat Tips
Things to keep in mind. Is a game played with fewer decks really a better game?
Lesson 5: Baccarat Vocabulary
What’s a ‘shoe’ and is a ‘shill’ a type of bet? Find out.
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